Alpha-X aiming to change the entire face of utility tokens with the launch of ICO

Scypt-based cryptocurrency, AlphaX, aiming to overcome the historical shortcomings of traditional system with the launch of initial coin offering of token and the Alpha-X exchange
Alpha-X is a unique digital currency that aims to take the concept of cryptocurrency to a whole new leve, as the Scrypt-based new generation cryptocurrency aims to utilise blockchain technology to overcome the historical shortcomings of traditional system and change the entire face of utility tokens. The team behind the Alpha-X has announced the initial coin offering for the token, with the private pre sale scheduled to start on the 15th September 2018.

The cryptocurrency space has evolved over the years, which has also led to the development of the financial market as a whole. While the emergence of digital currency has helped in developing the financial ecosystem with are hundreds of crypto currency exchange protocols cropping up, many of the problems facing the financial ecosystem have not been adequately tackled. Some of the many problems currently faced by most crypto exchanges are poor technical architect, poor liquidity, and exorbitant trading fee. Other challenges the Alpha-X exchange and the token are trying to solve include insecurity, bad customer service, and cross-borders and multilingual issues.
The Alpha-X exchange and the Alpha-X coin will signal a somewhat revolution in the cryptocurrency space, offering instant, anonymous, private, and very secure blockchain network to users across the globe, with the primary goal of making it as good as virtual cash (plastic cards) which can provide real time liquidity and utility proposition in the market.

The launch of the crypto to fiat exchange will add up to 100 fiat to crypto pairs starting from USD to ensure the global liquidity crypto-currencies leading to the growth of the market to as much as triple the volume of trade of digital currencies.

Some of the many unique selling points of the Alpha-X ecosystem include the Alpha-X Coin (AXC), Alpha-X Exchange (AXE), Alpha-X Wallet, Alpha-X Mobile App, Alpha-X Market, Alpha-X Debit Card, 5 Level Affiliate system, and Instant BTC Payout.

The comprehensiveness of the Alpha-X Business Model, which includes a user-friendly interface for the exchange, and accessibility to a wide range of currencies and types of coins stands it out from others in the cryptocurrency space. Other parts of the model include access to real-time conversion / transition between cryptocurrency to Fiat currency, and capturing of the South Eastern part of Asia (India).

A total supply of 2 billion Alpha-X Coin (AXC) is scheduled to be made available, with a total of 200 million tokens (pre mine) to be sold during the initial coin offering (ICO). The open presale of the coin will run from the 15th September till the end of November 2018, while the crowdsale will commence on the 1st December, 2018 and end on 15th January 2019.
More information about Alpha-X and the different innovative solutions offered can be found on their website and the whitepaper.
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