AZART is a cryptocurrency for the gambling industry

One of the best aspects of blockchain technology is transparency. This means that a business that uses a public blockchain can make everything they do completely open to the public. In that way, anyone can audit their records and make sure that they are doing what they promised. One interesting potential application for this kind of forced honesty is online gambling and casinos.

Today, online gaming has grown significantly and in countries where it is legal, are billion dollar businesses. The problem is that no one knows how fair (or unfair) these platforms are. We all assume there is a house advantage, but does a player ever really stand a fair chance of winning big?

That’s the idea behind blockchain gambling platforms. Since everything is powered by smart contracts that can be audited, anyone can verify what is going on behind the scenes. This could potentially allow for a much more honest and open gambling and casino experience. Secondly, being able to use cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency could potentially open up this industry to thousands of new players each year.

Now Introducing AZART The Best Gambling Project for Cryptocurrency

Azart is a decentralized network using PoW and Masternodes. The AzartPay platform considered as a payment system for various gambling and other services.

One of the goals of Azart cryptocurrency is providing instant, anonymous and secure payments for users of online casinos, lotteries, betting, poker rooms and other services.

Decentralized platform AzartPay will become a popular payment system for many gambling and other services. The interest to the implementation of the platform will be based on the possibility of obtaining additional income, as well as financing of future projects.

For users of gambling services, the interest in using The Azart cryptocurrency to participate in gambling will consist in the absence or the maximum reduced «House Edge».
I want to add that the project team has big plans and the AzartPay project looks very promising. The idea of the project is to become a payment system for the gambling industry. To implement these plans, a system of motivation of our future partners has been developed, which will undoubtedly interest them. Also, the difference of the AzartPay project is the system of financing of projects and proposals of our partners and owners of masternodes. Any owner of the masternode of Azart platform will be able to put their projects for voting, in order to get financing through the AzartPay platform. This can be either proposals of improving the platform, or their own projects that can cause interest in the community and get the necessary number of votes. Details of the project can be found in whitepaper.
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