Era Swap: Framework for a Decentralized Economy

Era Swap is a new blockchain freelancing platform that facilitates the formation of a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) economy, where users trade work for the Era Swap Token (EST).

Era Swap‘s new blockchain-based platform seeks to create a decentralized P2P economy, compensating users and their work with the native EST token. Users of this platform will be called time swappers, since they will be trading their time for EST. The main goal of Era Swap is to cut out middlemen in the freelancing economy.

Studies estimate that in the United States economy 36% of workers are freelancers, and this will grow to 43% by 2020. Currently, freelancers contribute USD 1.4 trillion to the United States economy, in addition to saving billions of hours of commuting time and increasing productivity by 14%. Freelancing is an optimal way for workers to be become their own boss and reach their full money-making potential, and for companies to be more efficient.

However, the freelancing industry is plagued by middlemen who absorb most of the profits through their fees, leaving workers with much less money than they actually earned. Era Swap aims to eliminate this by connecting workers directly with employers on a P2P, decentralized, and cryptographically-secure blockchain platform. The fact that Era Swap uses blockchain and is decentralized is very important, since it means no central organization will take profits from the swapping of work for money. The only fees will be transaction fees for sending EST on the Ethereum blockchain, which are relatively low. Era Swap uses a combination of the Ethereum blockchain and Hyperledger, combining strong cryptographic security with the potential for thousands of transactions per second.

Time Swappers is a platform integrated into Era Swap where the exchange of work for EST will occur. Workers who receive EST for their services are called time traders. In addition to time traders, there will be curation to determine who the best workers are, and day swappers who help build the platform and community.

Education will be a primary focus of Era Swap. It is expected that people with skills like math, coding, and science will be able to use the Time Swappers platform to start tutoring services. Era Swap is in a partnership with Blocklogy, which offers courses to teach people about blockchain, and specifically how to become blockchain developers. Era Swap will offer technical degrees for USD 1, and even wave this fee for people who can’t afford it, bringing blockchain education to the world.

Era Swap will be launching a custom wallet that will support multiple cryptos, and also trading between various cryptos is possible. Ultimately, Era Swap will integrate ComputeEx, which will act as a fully functioning exchange that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to acquire data about worldwide exchange rates, to offer users an optimal way to trade crypto using a single venue instead of having to register on multiple exchanges. ComputeEx users who pay fees with EST will get a 50% discount.

Currently, EST is available via a crowdsale, with each EST being sold for about USD 0.12. The Era Swap platform is expected to become fully functional during 2019, with the successive addition of critical features, such as Time Swappers, Blocklogy education, ComputeEx, peer to peer lending, blockchain-based insurance, and a crypto debit card.

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