Hello Visitors!! today i want to review the #ICO of MPCX platform.
MPCX is a digital blockchain driven financial services platform. In the long-term aim is to aggregate all crypto financial services into one place. MPCX is designed to service entities’ and individual’s needs in the areas of digital wealth management, cryptocurrency exchange and trading, digital banking, crypto research and ICO promotion, and crypto lending.
In the short-term, MPCX will create a blockchain driven decentralized ecosystem to manage innovative investors portfolios of crypto assets. In light of the current market situation with a huge demand for and a very limited supply of financial management solutions, The team has decided to create the MPCX Platform to service the market opportunities.
MPCX has a significant competitive advantage in that its team and founders together have over 45 years of experience in finance. The resultant expertise and client relationships give MPCX the opportunity to offer unique products tailored to clients.

The MPCX Platform will be developed in three stages:
Jan 2017 – Dec 2018 – digital wealth management platform
Dec 2018 – Nov 2019 – cryptocurrency exchange
Dec 2019 – Jul 2020 – digital banking and regulated wealth management platforms
MPCX will offer the following services after the platform is complete:
Digital wealth management services
A number of unique crypto products including: investable crypto indices, Digital Smart Investment Mandate (DSIM), P2P crypto lending strategies, crypto ETNs and AI crypto funds

  • ICO analytics
  • A cryptocurrency exchange for the top 100 coins
  • An MPCX trading terminal
  • Safekeeping and crypto wallet solutions
  • Payments and certain banking solutions
  • Crypto P2P lending
  • MPCX ICO promotion platform

Market Opportunity
The enermous development of the blockchain technology has created a vast number of new investment oportunites. Crypto markets operate 24/7 and offer huge potential for growth. A growing number of innitial coin offerings have led to more than 1.500 new coins. many ordinary people have built significant wealth through investing in ICOs, sometimes achieving returns of the region of thousand of percent.
The Graphic below shows the MPCX team has analyzing the market

Current Market Issues
The capitalisation of crypto markets currently stands at c. $400 billion. An additional $200 billion of assets may benefit from a comprehensive digital wealth management solutions as aresult of a problems in the traditional asset and wealth management industries. This means that the total market opportunity is c. $600 billion, and this market is still growing exponentially.
The MPCX Solution
MPCX is a digital blockchain driven financial services platform. At the end of the third stage of the MPCX Platform’s development we will have implemented the following ecosystem:

The solution will be based on the Ethereum Blockchain and has the potential to significantly disrupt the banking and wealth management landscape. Fully digital solutions will make it possible for clients from the mass and mass affluent segments to recieve for the first time high quality crypto trading and wealth management services.
XMDC Token Sale Structure
Tokenization is a process by which real or digital assets and related rights are registered on a ledger of aspecific blockchain. Technically a Token is a unit of registered value. The XDMC Token will be a functional tool for using the MPCX Platform. Once the XDMC Token becomes liquid and popular, it will be used as the internal currency for banking services.

MPCX team has developed an ambitious business plan which is intended to realize in three stages to achieves a strategic goal of disrupting and changing the financial industry.

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