At the moment, the entertainment industry is very developed, and it brings huge profits to the leading players of this market. The direction of computer games is not new, but this market continues to grow rapidly, using innovative technological developments.
The industry of computer games includes several rapidly developing areas.

  1. Purchase and sale of new interesting games with 3D graphics and exciting story lines, additional tools to continue the game.
  2. Advertising.
  3. Development, purchase and sale of mobile gaming applications.

What is BGX?

BGX is an innovative platform that is decentralized. The essence of this platform is that it will act as a multi functional platform with which you can handle mobile games and use the capabilities of artificial intelligence.
This is due to the fact that in addition to the main features it is built on blockchain technology and is innovative in its segment. And the most important advantage of the platform is that it is decentralized, which opens up completely new prospects in this market segment. After all, decentralization provides a high level of security and opens up new prospects for the entire market segment.
The main goal of the BGX project is to show that there are other ways of development and monetization. This is due to the fact that the platform uses new features, artificial intelligence, innovative approach and additional features.
In addition, the platform offers quite convenient payments, which will be held in mobile games.
Also, thanks to this platform. You can create many operations, monitor transactions, and perform many other actions.

Members of the platform can be:
  1. Developers of Internet games for which the system has developed and integrated a unique, simple and convenient functionality. These system participants will be able to focus their attention on the processes of the game, traffic monetization and other pressing issues. BGX will service the game modules, thereby increasing the profitability of this online product.
  2. Participants of the games who will be able to receive income from gaming events, participation in competitions, current game prizes and bonuses. Players have the opportunity to monetize their participation in the games.
  3. Buyers who will be able to have their multi-functional wallets on the platform, supporting almost all types of funds, as well as providing fast and efficient transactions.
  4. Advertisers who will be able to provide targeted traffic for their advertising campaigns.
  5. Holders of BGX tokens, for which bonus, referral programs, reward and loyalty systems are provided.
  6. The creators of Internet applications and devices that support the functionality of this platform.
    Monetizing games on the platform BGX
    Thanks to the BGX platform, it will be possible to perform the following actions for the monetization of mobile games:
  7. Ability to accept payments in traditional currency and cryptocurrency. This will allow you to trade your favorite products directly in the gaming platform.
  8. With BGX, each user will be able not only to Deposit their funds, but also to withdraw them if necessary. This is an important competitive advantage, which opens up new aspects of business for most modern developers.
  9. It will be possible to sell games directly on the BGX platform, making payments open and secure.
  10. Users will be able to receive short-term credits for the purchase of certain games or items within the gaming platforms.


BGX is a platform of our future, which has quite an interesting idea and prospects. Even now, all this is necessary for mobile applications and their developers, respectively, the platform is able to solve the main problems that arise in this segment.

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