Today we will consider an interesting and promising project called Enkronos. Let's see what kind of project it is and what features it has.

Enkronos is not only an open network where users can distribute their content, but also a place where developers can deploy their decentralized applications. Thus, Enkronos has great potential for growth and can influence the future advertising industry.
Enkronos has a convenient app. Thanks to decentralized applications, you can get real-time statistics about what your consumers are doing and what applications they are currently using.

Enkronos Apps is a unique multi functional service for advertising, marketing, innovative solutions in data processing and artificial intelligence.


The developers set themselves the task to develop a platform based on Blockchain technology, which will provide interaction between different social services. It will be an integrated system with many features.

We will conduct a General analysis and highlight the positive aspects:
  1. The project has a great idea. Developers are trying to make it competitive and attractive to potential customers.
  2. I would like to note a good and well-thought-out road map, according to which we can see that the development of the project is going according to the plan. Each stage of the road map fulfills clearly in time. After all, the main thing in the development of any product is to know exactly where to go. Of course, not everything can be foreseen at this stage, but the team demonstrates constant development and strict adherence to the plans, thanks to the road map.
  3. It is clearly seen that the team is very responsible approach to prescribing the development strategy of the project and very accurately follows all the points and at the same time, does not go beyond the schedule. The team in this project inspires confidence and peace of mind. A very well-coordinated team is working on this project, which has already established itself as highly qualified specialists, ready to solve any complex problems and, in addition, very well-known advisers help the team. Basically, these are people with extensive experience in the field of cryptocurrency and marketing, which only strengthens confidence in the success of this project. Even if something goes wrong, they will help the team find the right way out of any situation, because they have repeatedly faced difficult situations and always found a way out of them. Therefore, we can say with confidence that this project is in good hands and ahead of them only stable work and development.
  4. High ratings from well-known ICO agencies.


After reviewing all aspects of the project, it can be concluded that Enkronos is very promising. If you look at all these facts, we understand that the project already has quite good performance indicators, and the project attracts a lot of attention. Its active growth rate is due to both an interesting direction and a strong team that develops the project.
I believe that this project will be fully implemented and will enter a large market. Therefore, take a closer look at this project and study it in more detail.

For more information:

White Paper: https://ico.enkronos.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/EnkronosApps_WP_1.4.pdf

Bounty0x username: matrixss9

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