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Global REIT: Investing in real estate


If you ever wondered about where to invest, the idea of real estate repeatedly popped up in your mind. And it is not surprising, because this is one of the safest investments that provides not only the ability to quickly start making profits, but also convert them back into money. It is very difficult to start investing money if you do not have a lot of them. This and other problems can be solved by Global REIT. Global REIT is the first Blockchain platform in the world.
Many people do not understand the term “REIT”. REIT is the general name of companies that consolidate their investments and acquire (or build) real estate for them. The company takes on the responsibility for the property with the purpose of profit and its distribution among investors. This form of business has several main advantages:
— The founders of the company do not risk their money.
— The actions of the company's managers are protected by another factor — diversification.
— The advantage for a depositor is that such an asset is easy to sell. The buyer will know that he is guaranteed to receive dividends, as a last resort, he will be able to sell the property right and for all this he will not need to exert any effort.
Global REIT offers a new generation product, where the old shortcomings will be eliminated, which means that investors will have the opportunity to make safer and more honest investments in real estate. Through the implementation of Blockchain, they will be able to directly own property and receive profits. Thus, both sides will benefit.
First, the investor will be sure that he is not being deceived. The increase in profits and their decline are the result of real factors, rather than fraud on the part of the government. Secondly, the work of the team itself will not be disturbed by the statement about their dishonesty. Over all their actions will be very easy to carry out a kind of audit.

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