Today we will consider a unique project LOLIGO. It is designed specifically to create transparent conditions for cooperation for various ICO projects and investors.
Currently, the number of new ICO is growing. Many of them do manage to attract additional funds from investors, but despite this, only a few of them are translated into reality, and most fail. This can be due to several reasons, which can be divided into two large categories — internal and external causes. Let us consider them in more detail. First of all, the internal reasons include those that reflect the current situation within the platform (for example, internal conflicts, lack of understanding between employees, focus on results, misunderstanding of the goals of work and much more). To external causes can not be influence and, especially, to predict the exact degree of probability. For example, they include the adoption of new laws and adjustments to existing, falling or jumps in e-currency exchange rates, the financial crisis and so on.
LOLIGO ( offers users a unique platform that seeks to restore investor confidence in the ICO through the selection of really high-quality and deeply developed projects with high social significance, as well as screening out fraudulent platforms created exclusively for collecting money.


Distinctive features of the project

Among the distinctive features, there are two interesting factors that are advantages in comparison with similar platforms.

  1. First of all, it is worth noting that the project has developed internal tokens that are available for mining. In simple words, the developers of the project took as a basis not the principle that implies the use of coins exclusively within the framework of working with the system, but the principle of Bitcoin operation. So, among the functionality you can select a limited issue of tokens, mining, which eventually becomes more difficult, as well as a limited time for production.
  2. It is also worth noting the support of the concept, which implies the possibility of cancellation of the smart contract by the investor. In addition, the project has at its disposal a technical organization that is capable of writing the necessary software, blockchain and so on.

The problem, which is designed to solve the project LOLIGO (, very relevant. It is directly related to the difficulties in the market of primary supply of coins. Trust in this area is not growing, and perhaps even falls due to the existence of many fraudulent and Amateur platforms. That is, very often it happens that the organization is not able to implement the conceived idea solely due to the fact that the concept was not originally carefully developed, as well as the ways of its implementation, even despite the availability of funds.

Here Loligo will come to the rescue. It is designed to eradicate such problems through the use of own resources to conduct research ICO projects.
The LOLIGO project is able to provide a high degree of investor protection. This becomes available due to the fact that the direct control over the implementation of projects and the impact on the ability of the platform to get the next volume of cash investments. If the rating of the platform is very low, the receipt of investments is called into question.


So, having considered the advantages and features of the project LOLIGO, we can conclude that it has a really worthwhile concept that will increase investor confidence. In addition, the development team and advisors are quite competent and authoritative, and have valuable experience that can competently implement the conceived idea.
LOLIGO is a revolutionary platform designed to explore ICO projects in order to ensure a more efficient and secure investment.

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