Computer games are firmly in our lives with you. And it happened a long time ago, because the first video games appeared in the last century.
Games have already filled all known platforms, personal computers, phones and tablets. And this is not surprising, because the game-not only children's entertainment, as may believe the conservative strata of society. Games allow you to have fun and relax, learn different stories and live them with the characters. In some games, you can even learn, learn something new and hone certain skills. And do not forget about eSports — a full-fledged sports discipline based on computer and console games with their teams, coaches, sponsors and fans.
Video games have formed today a whole industry, not only using the achievements of modern technology, but also pushing the development of these same technologies forward. But how to benefit from this market?
Traditional ways of earning on computer games.

  1. You can create games for sale if you have an interesting idea and a certain skill in programming and graphics.
  2. You can earn by inviting people to the games and get a referral bonus.
  3. You can become an eSports player and win prize money at various competitions and tournaments.
    But each of these methods has certain drawbacks — affiliate program services impose strict restrictions on the sources of traffic, the game created by its own forces will be difficult to convey to the people, and it is quite difficult to break through to large eSports tournaments. And for all this, and there is a PlayGame.
PlayGame is a platform based on blockchain technology with many features:
  1. Here you can just play a variety of games for fun. Alone or with other people online.
  2. If you create your own games, you can easily distribute them to PlayGame. This resource uses the principle of other similar systems blockchain-based digital content distribution. Any author can place here the product, and earn positive ratings and comments from users. At the same time, for each positive assessment, a reward in the form of cryptocurrency tokens will be given.
  3. Ordinary players will also be rewarded for voting, rating and writing comments.
  4. The most outstanding players can earn tokens in various tournaments held on PlayGame. Moreover, more that unlike other similar services tournaments here are absolutely different level and anyone can take part in them.
    PlayGame actively cooperates with game developers of any scale and helps them to promote their projects in their spaces.
    Also, blockchain technology makes it much easier and safer to conduct transactions within the system.
    At the moment, the PlayGame service is under development. Not all the planned functions have been added, and in order to attract new injections of Finance to the project, the ICO program was launched. Using Bitcoin, Ethereum, you can invest in the project money, received in return many tokens at a pre-sale price, and then, when the project comes out in the final release, significantly multiply them.
    Having studied all aspects of this project, we can conclude that the project has very great prospects.
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