Here Is Why Stellar is The Future

In the horrible bear market, stellar price is $0.18 and down 3% in the past 24 hours. The current low price of such digital assets is one of the reasons why they are becoming the future of encryption investment. There is never been a digital asset that is cheaper than it is now. We all remember the lucky buyers who bought litecoin for $4 in early 2017. They still believe that their goal is to believe in digital assets, which is now worth $75 a year in a bear market. This is an increase of 1,775% in 12 months.

Taking this percentage increment and applying to stellar, we get $7.81, $3.20 and $0.568 respectively, which are not bad figures at all for all ladies and gentlemen.

Stellar is backed by excellent blockchain technology. About stellar coin, the foundation works with IBM, which in turn works with the Australian government to develop blockchain technology, A.I (artificial intelligence) and quantum computing, which means that the Australian government may use stellar blockchains on the way.

In short, stellar is the future of encryption investment and blockchain technology. It is a good time for the bear market to seize these digital assets, and for future encryption, there is now institutional funding encryption. Another fact is that each coin has a good blockchain platform to further push their personal platform into the future.

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