How does reddcoin rise from the dead?

Reddcoin appeared in 2014, which offer some funny features. However, it seems that few people is interested in this currency, so the price of it is gradually going down, and its price represents the insignificance of this cryptocurrency market and traders. Therefore, reddcoin is basically inactive for a long time. Fortunately, the value of this coin has increased by December 21 of the following year, reaching an astonishing 500% increase. That occasion made this "sleeper" a coin that could attract any other popular digital currency on the market. Many people are amazed, especially those who think reddcoin has died. How did this happen? How?

To answer that question related to the digital currency miracle, we first need to tell you more about reddcoin and its functions that make it unique in the cryptocurrency world.

Its original design met the idea of completing micro-transactions on all major social networks. The function may be one of the most important privileges carried by the coin. If you think about how much time we spend on social networks, the answer is simple. In fact, almost everyone on the planet uses the Internet actively. In addition, statistics say most people have at least three profiles of major social networks. The main idea behind these micro transactions that can be done through reddcoin is to implement interesting factors in managing payments and transactions, since all transactions can be managed and fully operated in social networks. That's how you can participate in micro-transactions on all social platforms through reddcoin, using the Tip platform to represent a decentralized blockchain-based technology where people can exchange transactions and even donate and reward content creators that they find valuable and interesting.

ReddCoin also has a code called redo, which is a blockchain encryption that enables users to associate all information related to social network profiles, public keys, and identities associated with social network profiles. Like all cryptocurrencies, reddcoin is protected and can be safely used and stored in your wallet thanks to the blockchain-based encryption that supports this decentralized system.

For all the miners there, this sounds particularly good: ReddCoin mining is done in PoSV, a new algorithm that is specifically designed unlike the PoW and PoS algorithms used frequently. It is specifically designed to not waste or use large amounts of electricity during the mining process, making the mining process more economical and easier for miners.

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