It’s wise of you to choose bitcoin cash in 2018

Bitcoin's cash network has seen some major improvements, even though the price of cryptocurrencies has seen a sharp drop in price in 2018, and the overall negative sentiment of the cryptocurrency market due to cryptocurrency transactions and regulatory negotiations. The development phase of bitcoin cash includes commercial adoption, infrastructure and the creation of many on-chain applications. In the second quarter, it has been observed that many crypto coins are recovering from the bearish trend in the first quarter. At the time of this writing, according to bitcoin cash history data, BCH's price is about $1,401.37, ranking fourth. In fact, there are many reasons for holding bitcoin cash this year.

Chain social network and memo:

The memo is basically a chain social networking site developed on the bitcoin cash network. Developer from Memo, "I am pleased to announce the launch of Memo, a chained social network based on bitcoin cash - Memo is both a protocol and a front-end application."... "The agreement works by writing a transaction bitcoin cash blockchain. Client applications can read these transactions to see activity on the network. "Memo user-created profiles will connect to a specific BCH address and also have a public/private key pair. Users can then link certain data, such as quotes, specific dates or website URLs, through the platform. The data must be hashed into the bitcoin cash chain using the OP-RETURN transaction.

The company began to adopt bitcoin cash:

With the development of blockchain technology and the increase in the number of cryptocurrencies, many vendors believe that it is necessary to add encrypted coins as a payment method. There are many suppliers looking forward to bitcoin cash market. Recently, five suppliers, including cafes, have included bitcoin cash in their list.

Goldsilver: Founded by Mike Maloney, Goldsilver sells precious metals such as bars and jewels, including bars, jewellery and coins. The company also includes bitcoin in its payment system. However, payments must be made through bitpay.

Coins Crypto Cafebar: Like many Japanese suppliers, the new coffee bar has also accepted BCH into their systems. Japan has announced through the Payment Services Act last year that it is also legal to pay in cryptocurrency. The café will be held in Osaka on May 12th at the grand opening ceremony. So far, the cafe has included 15 different encryption coins.

Safecast: Safecast, in the words of its global operations director, Sean Bonner "designed hardware and software for specific environmental monitoring." Their products are mainly hosted on the Kithub website. In turn, Kithub accepts the use of BCH payments through Bitpay.

Undertech: The company specializes in the sale of jackets, tights, vests and holsters. Since Undertech recently included Coinbase Commerce in the checkout option, customers can now pay with BCH Coin, ETH, LTC and BTC.

Rebecca Z: Rebecca Z is a Japanese jewelry website that specializes in the everyday jewellery of professional women. To make the payment process easier, they started accepting bitcoin. Now, the company also accepts bitcoin cash as a method of trading.

Global Bitcoin cash gatherings increased:

There are many ways to support cryptocurrencies, and parties are just one of them. Meetup is basically a platform where people can form groups and start discussing areas of interest to them. It also includes a discussion forum on cryptocurrencies. The party about BCH has attracted many cryptocurrency enthusiasts, traders and investors. Recently, the growth of the Biosafety Clearing-House group meeting has grown exponentially. People from Tokyo, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, Beijing, Sweden and many other places meet regularly. The bitcoin cash fund and many other non-profit organizations facilitate global BCH gatherings.

The above points are the latest developments observed on the bitcoin cash network. People only need to invest in bitcoin cash and stick to it, and take advantage of bitcoin cash price increases as BCH continues its adventure.

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