The Detailed Intro of Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin enthusiasts from all over the world are watching with shock, because the old Bitcoin wallet will see new activities after years of sleep. The wallet has more than $1 billion in bitcoin and is now sending coins to at least two exchanges. Around the world, coin holders, investors, and even regular encryption enthusiasts are guessing new activities in the old bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin wallets have been crouching for more than four years and are waking up and may undermine the fragile balance of the market. Many people are already in a state of panic because this sport may mean that a huge junkyard is about to happen.

The address was allegedly established on July 2, 2011. Since then, it has not moved coins until March 2014. At the time, there was an event because the owner of the wallet stated that they would divide their BTC supply into smaller pieces. Recently, however, approximately 15,593 BTC were sent to Bitfinex and Binance, while 210 BTC was eventually sent by Bitmex.

One of the biggest mysteries about the address may be its owner. A Reddit user from sick_silk has been guessing who might be the person behind the address.

According to him, this may be the fear of the pirate Roberts on the Silk Road. However, the possibility that the owner may be connected to Mt is high. Gox or hacking exchanges. One theory even suggests that this may be Nakamoto.

As we all know, this address has at least one relatively small transaction associated with a drug of bitcoin market called Silkroad. Therefore, many people agree with sick-silk and think Dread Pirate Roberts supports it.

In addition, because the address first appeared near the hacking of MT Gox, many people claimed that the address might belong to Gox. Even its former owner, Jade McCaleb, is one of the "suspects." However, both entities deny that they have anything to do with it.

Finally, Nakamoto supports its theory that this address began in 1933. This is the year in which President Franklin Roosevelt decided to issue an order to confiscate gold. This bitcoin news has greatly encouraged the investors.

Nakamoto even announced that his birthday was April 5, 1975, when the order was cancelled. This is why Nakamoto is considered to be the reason behind the recent activities. Although, as many have pointed out, the fact that the address began in 1933 may be just a coincidence.

Obviously, any of these theories may be true, but equally easy - they may all be wrong. Simply put, no one knows. The only thing I know is that the address moved in March 2014, just when MT Gox declared bankruptcy. Since then, coins have been divided into smaller and smaller pieces, some of which have recently started different exchanges.

According to an unconfirmed analysis, approximately 11,114 BTC has arrived at Bitfinex and 4,421 people have been sent to Binance. In addition, Bitmex received a smaller shipment of 210 BTC.

Because of this, many people panic and worry that bitcoin prices will fall as stability finally recovers. The new move will definitely cause some confusion, and it will be interesting to see how everything can be solved.

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