Why bitcoin is so weak in 2018

The bitcoin news recently are more depressing. Although bitcoin has gained great success over the decade, the year in 2018 seems particularly harsh. Even if it is still a big trend, there are things that have caused the crypho world to lose its momentum. So, I will explore why bitcoin is so weak in 2018.

So far, 2018 has been quite an eventful year for cryptos. In the few days of January, the market rose from the peak to the assumed bottom. The bitcoin price rose from the peak to the assumed bottom. Countless times since then, the changeable market has ups and downs at bullishness, if one collapse happened again and everyone's "hope." will be token.

Hackers attack exchanges, wallets, icos and all other hacking related hackers. Moreover, we must not forget the issues of controversy, accusation, litigation, centralization and decentralization, as well as the number of up to more than 1,800 altcoins. According to many experts, the encryption market still exists, which is a miracle. What's more, although this year is obviously very difficult, we should now look at some aspects that have made an impact on the situation, for better or for worse.

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