New beta release: new opportunities to earn with Membrana

Membrana blockchain platform team is actively preparing for the release of next phase of beta version, which is scheduled for November 2018. Membrana developers have combined their years of experience gained in corporations such as LISK, Intel, Corvita Corporation, and others, in order to offer the community a fundamentally new product in the field of trust management of digital assets. What opportunities will traders and investors get in the nearest future and how to profitably use the platform now?

Today, Membrana blockchain platform provides the trader with a single trading terminal for transactions on any supported exchange. Membrana has already been working with exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex and Huobi.Due to modern technologies that have been used to create the user interface, the use of the platform is possible in desktop browsers as well as mobile device browsers which support Ethereum authorization, such as Cipher and Toshi.There has been developed a unique algorithm which gives the opportunity, by using only one API key, to conclude contracts with several traders by specifying the number of assets that are given in trust management to each trader. It allows investor to diversify their investments among traders with different strategies and therefore, reduce risks. In the future, this algorithm will also be used to create a manager’s portfolio office, which will receive investor’s assets and will independently select traders or trading bots for its management.

Thanks to Membrana developers’ work, every user may choose in which blockchain system the contract will be concluded. Not only Membrana supports Ethereum — it will eventually introduce EOS integration, which will allow to reduce commissions and improve the speed of transactions.Important latest news: Platform developers have already developed an API which allows to connect trading bots and trading software to Membrana. Bot owners and their own trading software can now connect their products and obtain access to investors’ pool of Membrana blockchain platform.For investors who operate on the platform, interaction with trading bots will allow them to receive stable income by eliminating the risk of human error. Along with a smart contract, this is an entirely automated and secure system created by Membrana blockchain platform team to increase investor’s capital.


To ensure transparency and confirm trading history of traders, Membrana blockchain platform stores all users’ orders on the blockchain. The volume of data during intensive trading may be pretty high; thus, the hash sum of all transactions is placed on the blockchain, and the history of all transactions is available for viewing on the website In order to protect successful traders’ strategy, the trading history is published a week later.Hashlog available here:

What’s planned to be implemented in the nearest future?

1. Stoploss

Membranа blockchain platform will launch a new mechanism of investor’s asset protection, which is an automatic termination of the contract, in case the losses exceed the established limit. In the case of stop loss, the trader who signed the contract, loses the ability to perform transactions with funds entrusted to him, and all positions opened under the contract are sold at market value. Thus, the investor sets the level of loss according to his money management strategy. In this case, trader doesn’t get his commission — it is returned back to investor’s wallet.

Stoploss mechanism

2. New exchanges

We will add support for several new exchanges. Membrana invite community members to take part in platform development strategy. What exchange do you want to see on Membrana blockchain platform in the next update? Please, join and select your answer! Thank you!By the way, if you write under Node.js and know TypeScript, please join Membrana team and help us to add the rest of the exchanges.

3. EOS

The integration process will be finished, and the opportunity to conclude contracts by using EOS network will be added in addition to the already running Ethereum.

4. Trading terminal

Improvements to the trading terminal will affect usability and interface availability from various devices. Membrana is also working on speeding up the interface.Trading through trading bots and external software, trading on five world exchanges simultaneously through an accessible single trading terminal with setting up contract parameters, the ability to check trading history on the blockchain and recording contracts in EOS? Yes, Membrana will do all this for the sake of trust and security in ecosystem of trust management. Stay with us! 

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