A platform on Television Visualization with Blockchain technology - TV-TWO


TV-TWO is a new open content platform' for people looking to merge their usual TV experience with the options of'personalized video streaming'. As a result, customers can access quality online content without additional subscription costs. The platform uses a native token to manage the exchange of information within its ecosystem, and enables monetary exchanges between consumers, content providers and advertisers.




  • Use a platform that integrates linear TV with personalized streams of video curated by a supervised learning algorithm, which allows more variety of organic content and relevance without having to pay monthly subscription fees.
  • Experience the freedom to skip videos and ads as well as the chance to select ad frequency.
  • Receive awards to watch relevant sponsored messages and share anonymous data with advertisers via TTV.
  • Use TTV ecosystem.


  • Receive targeting and attribution features and automatic media ordering on TV they know from digital ads.
  • Get per user reporting on ad engagement and organic video context without being a victim of fraud or KPI reporting that is not transparent.
  • Can handle users based on their first-party data without having to submit data to TV-TWO or a third party.


Token Distribution:

Token for Television (TTV) will be distributed as follows:

  • Available for Purchases: 500,000,000 Token for Television will be available for buy.
  • Relatively, 75% of all tokens will be sold to the public for as long people.
  • Team: 15% of available tokens will be stored by TWO-TV. The tokeN more than three years.
  • Supporters and Advisors: 6% of available tokens will go to supporters.

TV-TWO adviser:

  • Campaign: 4% of available tokens will be given to proponents who have participate in Bounty and Marketing Campaign.
  • Market Maker: Any ETH done exceeds 90% of the hard cap will be locked for two years in a smart contract.
  • Smart contracts stabilize prices
  • TTV by automatically buying the token back, if the market price falls below the issue price.
  • Unsold evidence will be burned.
  • Other evidence will not be made in the future.

As noted above, all the premium content shown through the TV-Two broadcast is integrated with advertisements. In addition to this, through the use of this system, consumers have the ability to share their personal data with advertisers on their own terms. This basically means that advertisers obtain personal information about our viewing habits, which allows them to transmit more personalized / relevant messages which in turn can result in "greater user satisfaction and better advertising spending".


Get more information:

Website: [https://tv-two.com/]

White paper: [https://tv-two.com/TV_Whitepaper.pdf]

JN Thread: [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2895348.0]

Author: [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1706807]

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