New sport bitgoals system - BitGoals!

BitGoals is a Blockchain based service that’s meant to create a universal currency for sports and gaming sites of all variations.

The project is a revolutionary decentralized platform which is offering a bonus system that rewards sports fervour around the globe. By bringing sports betting, casual games and fantasy sports on a single platform. (

Problem in sport industry:

  1. The conventional sports industries are characterized by the absence of trust and it is quite glaring as talented upcoming players are not registering in such traditional sports platform. As such, in most cases, the players resort to dubious betting sites or engage intermediaries.
  2. This has promoted illegal betting services and huge sums are generated by these illegal bookmakers as revenue yearly, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars .


It is known that sport plays a very important role in our society today, because they add to the well-being and growth of people, and also have a strong economic impact on the continent. Throughout the world, the sports industry continues to grow in all areas. Despite the fact that the sports industry has many unique and defining characteristics, there are still a number of important and growing problems.

The main goal here is to create a ecosystem where sports activities and their related transactions are administered by cryptographically verifiable code without human intervention. 

BitGoals provides a variety of sports betting, but none of them offer a unified community as a solution that can affect today's sports platform that will serve as a currency for all services in sports and gaming products, rather than having a team that is behind a lot of Projects that can provide experience and knowledge to create the best experience.

General information about a platform:

  • Bitgoals as one that offers its users the opportunity to buy tickets at any sporting event, sponsoring favorite teams, betting on sports only buying official products with symbols and also playing games.
  • This system is based on a STP token that will create a single economy.
  • Tokens can be used as game currency, for prize and bonus payments, for ticket and goods purchases.
  • For partners who purchase tokens at the Token Sales stage, Bitgoals offers a convenient and profitable provision that will enable investors not only token to the lowest possible price, but also receive dividends, in proportion to the funds invested during the entire sales process.


This is the digital-currency that will be used for transactions in BITGOALS platform. It is an ERC20 token launched on ETHEREUM blockchain network. The token will be used in several ways such as transaction fees, betting currency, as a reward for users of the platform, and likewise, it will be used as a form of payment.

Token distribution

Competitive advantages of the platform include:

-We are the Official Pioneer and Paid Service in Game Induѕtry
-We have direct knowledge and practice within the Early and Wake Gesting domains
-We have the required, large, vanguard, and development team IT infrastructure that wants to apply this approach efficiently
-We have certified sports games and large systems used in one edition.

 Token distribution

    - 50% – Group Stage

    - 35% – Round of 16
    - 25% – Quarter finals

    - 20% – Semi finals

    - 10% – Finals

Funds allocation 

    - 40% – Marketing

    - 25% – Development

    - 15% – Partners

    - 10% – Business Development

    - 5% – Legal

    - 5% – Founders

Team members:


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