Online marketing & digital advertising platform

Crest Platform:

  • combines the power of online marketing and artificial intelligence (AI), and is designed to generate income for the members of the Crest community by allocating Crest utility tokens to run several marketing and advertising campaigns than in-turn generates income for the community.
  • developed a user friendly app called DigiAd which is a one-click application that runs on independent Ad servers which helps to determine which ads will come in handy at a stipulated tome for a particular consumer using real-time, historical data and up-to-date website tracking.
  • guarantees security & privacy, cloud data storage, external integration, payment gateway and authentication protocol and will focus on some industries such as health/beauty, gaming, financial services, retail and technology.

How it work?
As a new user, you need to register to have a crest account and you’ll be provided with your personal ICO dashboard. Once logged in, follow the instructions on your ICO dashboard. All you have to do is deposit ETH or BTC to the address provided on your dashboard. Then you will be given your CSTT tokens which is compatible to your ERC20 wallet.


  1. Volatility-proof business model.
  2. 24 hours communication.
  3. Minimum Viable Product Release.
  4. Generous bounty.
  5. No funds hold.
  6. Buyback & Token burn.
  7. ICO fund allocation.

- PRE-SALE ICO: Crest token will carry out a pre-ICO during which tokens will be sold at a price of $ 0.25 per token with a minimum / maximum token purchase of 100 / 10000 CSTT. The funds raised will be used to promote the ICO and kick-off full platform development.

- MAIN SALE ICO: There will be 16 rounds and will be 400, 000 tokens per round. Initially price will be $0.35 and later increase by $0.10 per round with the last round price of $1.85. At different rounds during the ICO, token purchase limit will range between 20 to 1500 CSTT.


20%: Initial DigiAd Campaign
15%: Development Team
15%: Platform Development
25%: Stability Reserve
20%: Marketing & Promotion
5%: Bounty/Token Buyback
Note that, Stability Reserve funds will be locked up to guarantee stability of the platform. Also, Development Team funds will be released over 12 months.

  • Crest Token project is an innovative project to educate users about the basics of online advertising and, thanks to the implemented algorithms for developing marketing campaigns, to create their successful, profitable and concise advertising projects.
  • Crest platform includes all the advantages of Internet marketing and artificial intelligence and is aimed at earning income from Crest Token project members, generating cryptocurrency for launching advertising and marketing campaigns and raising the platform's revenues.

Programm team:

Ben Sanders (Project Lead)
Erin Cotter (Online Marketing Head)
Angela Brasington (Senior Marketing Strategist)
Dean Matthew Lapinid (Lead Community Manager)
Aleksandar Djordjevic (Senior Software Developer)
Annah Todd (Digital Marketing Consultant)
Chad Copeland (Creative Designer)
Nihal Patel (Blockchain Developer)


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