Brave is Giving 30 Basic Attention Tokens for New Users

Brave, the cryptocurrency company behind Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), is offering 30 BATs for new users who use their browser to support websites of their choosing. This is part of their business plan to disrupt web advertising and allow people to directly support sites they like to visit. The BATs must be used within 90 days or they disappear. Users can visit sites and donate them. The site owners, when the value reached at least $100, can redeem the BATs and they become theirs.    

This is a promotion and will end in 90 days or when new users consume the 300,000 BATs set aside for this promotion.    

More details and instructions can be found here:    

It is a shame it does not work in conjunction with or Perhaps someday they will figure out a way to tie into Steemit and Golos as an additional way to recognize good content and support authors.  

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