Forecasts of bitcoin cost

Bobby Lee: within a few years, the cost of the bitcoin will exceed $ 60,000

Co-founder and former BTCC Chinese BTPC executive, Bobby Lee, is sure that in a few years bitcoin will overcome the mark of $ 60,000 and its capitalization will be $ 1 trillion.
Lee conducted his own study of how things are happening in the area of mining. He believes that by 2020 BTC emissions will be reduced to 900 coins per day.
At the same time, the cost of mining will only increase. When all the daily expenses reach $ 54 million, Bitcoin will cost $ 60,000.
A bit earlier, co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, Tom Lee suggested that by the end of 2018 bitcoin would cost $ 22,000.

A well-known expert believes that soon bitcoin price will fall to $ 3,000

Founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, Anthony Pompiliano this year has already predicted Bitcoin a rise in value to $ 50,000. But today it is set to not so positive. Now the expert is confident that soon bitcoin will fall to $ 3,000. And if ever this cryptocurrency will go to the previous heights, it will not be earlier than in 4-5 years. This information is provided by the CCN.

Pompiliano believes that we will see the price record not earlier than 2023. Now he sees several possible options for market development. But the founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets is convinced that bitcoin is more likely to drop to $ 3,000, not an increase of at least $ 10,000.
But in January of 2018, Anthony Pompiliano felt completely different. He predicted Bitcoin's rapid growth of up to $ 50,000.
Now he still believes that the cost of bitcoin will rise to $ 50,000. But not as soon as it was supposed earlier. Pompiliano thinks that now it's time for investors to gain patience and prepare for the worst. Also, according to the expert, they need to explore the market on their own.
Last month, Morgan Creek Digital Assets, headed by Pompiliano, announced plans to create an investment company focused on the digital generation.

Chapter Binance: bitcoin correction will end soon

The cost of cryptoassets will soon stabilize, and the market will be taken by speculators. This is how Chinpeng Zhao, head of Binance's largest currency exchange, believes.
He published a message on Twitter, in which he shared the opinion that blockchain and cryptocurrency would not disappear, and the recession would end soon. This message was the answer to the tweet, which reports that since the beginning of 2018, out of 50 coins, only one was in the plus, it's Binance Coin.
“If we analyze the main news, we can conclude that the correction will be completed very soon, and the cryptocurrency and blockchain will not disappear. But speculators, who are now skeptical, will return to the market. And then the adoption of cryptoassets will increase even more.” - says the head of Binance.

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