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Bonus programs are quite actively used by various companies. They came to replace the popular earlier discount discounts.
Most often, such programs are used by chain stores or restaurants. But in order to become a participant, it is necessary, for example, to make a purchase, purchase a service, and order a dish. Only after that you will receive a bonus that will help you save a certain amount on returning to this institution in the future.
But there are other types of bonus programs. For example, the bonus program NYiGDE?, which offers not just bonuses, but immediately tokens.
In order to get bonuses in the form of tokens you do not need to make any investments or buy something. It's enough just to be an active user of our platform. When you become a member of our bonus program, you do not just buy the product or service, as it happens in other cases, you contribute to the development of the platform.
Let's go over to the essence and list, for what actions you can get bonus tokens.

Bonus program

Active users of the platform receive bonuses for writing real reviews, posting articles on the blog, adding topics to the forum.
Bonuses are also charged for:
"Like" and "Dislike". If another user has placed "like" or "dislike" your information, then the token is credited to your wallet. If you put your theme "like" and "dislike" bonuses are not accrued.
For the popularity of the published article on the blog platform.

Buying promotion services on the platform NYiGDE? by our tokens, we always give a 30% discount.

With a bonus program from NYiGDE? You will only benefit, because the tokens already belong to you and only you decide how to dispose of them.

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