Advantages of a new Cybit platform for investors and start-ups

The new platform Cybit: This platform positions itself as an opportunity to expand opportunities for start-ups raising funds, as well as investors who give their finances. What will the new platform provide? First, it will attract only reliable and potentially successful projects. Secondly, based on the previous proposal, investors will be confident in their contributions and wait for the implementation of the startup idea to come true.

Developers have created a platform to facilitate financing. The platform itself is built on the ERC-223 protocol, which implies smart contracts, reliable verification of all transactions conducted, and improved protection from malicious attacks on the network. Ecosystem CyBit has a flexible infrastructure, provides data security (which in our time is the standard of the system), as well as stability of work.

With many benefits and improvements to the traditional business model for crowdsourcing funds, this ICO platform aims to revolutionize the way start-ups do business, and the way investors interact with this fast-paced business, the emerging market.

The vision for the Cybit project is the introduction of a new Global Market that uses credible-based blockchain tokens as a payment system through forex transactions and crowd sources. Cybit explains to provide a comprehensive intelligent capability to run the project with full transparency. The Cybit team is used to help clients use increased customer demands without incurring costs.

Cybit solutions empower ICO developers for platform platforms, providing them, and using channels to evaluate by potential Investors. After achieving success, Investors will invest in their project using Token Cybit. The whole process is safe using smart contracts. This platform protects the rights of each stakeholder.

About token: Character -CBT

PREICO CBT 1 = 0.10
USDPrice = 0.07 USD 1 CBT
Bounty available
Other Foundations
Received BTC, ETH, LTC
Investment of at least 0.5 ETH
Bathrobe 2,500,000 USD
Hat takes 50 Million USD
US state parts Whitelist / KYC Sensitive KYC
Area USA, China.


Quarter 4 2017
Q4 2017, NOVEMBER - Research on market Opportunities-Global Market Analysis
Q4 2017, DECEMBER - Initial research work completed and concept finalization

Quarter 1 2018
Q1 2018, JANUARY - Initiate Designing Process UI interface Setup
Q1 2018, FEBRUARY - ERC-223 Testing on Testnet Blockchain Whitepaper, public announcement
Q1 2018, MARCH - Legal registration

Quarter 2 2018
Q2 2018, APRIL - CyBit platform testing
Q2 2018, MAY - Pre ICO starts
Q2 2018, JUNE - Pre ICO ends Creation of SRS

Quarter 3 2018
Q3 2018, JULY - ICO starts Hiring team for business operation & platform development
Q1 2018, AUGUST - Exchange registration Platform development & operational process
Q1 2018, SEPTEMBER ICO ends - Android/IOS application development start

CyBit platform alpha version launch & testing of platform.

Quarter 4 2018
Q4 2018, OCTOBER - CyBit platform marketing campaign|
Q4 2018, NOVEMBER - Contacting investors & startup for platform registration
Q4 2018, DECEMBER - Organizing global event & summits

Quarter 1 2019
Q1 2019, JANUARY - Setup an operational office & development center in India
Q1 2019, FEBRUARY - Organize startup/ICO meetup events across the globe
Q1 2019, MARCH - Get international investor on board from across the globe.


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