Bitex - crypto banking as the basis of the industry!

Today I want to introduce you to a campaign like Bitex.

It's no secret that for a long time the latest technologies included the main achievements of centralized banking systems around the world, both economically and socially. The technology of credit cards and online payments has allowed to increase business efficiency, to increase income and to facilitate the access of customers.
A crypto currency boom in the mass media can make a "dizzying phenomenon" from "crypto-banks". In fact, the emergence of "all-in-one" service providers, such as these "cryptobanks", seems to provide an opportunity for any sane person to have the power of advanced artificial intelligence systems and world currency indicators in real time.
Thanks to this decentralized nature, crypto banks provide powerful solutions for a wide range of users. These include the benefits of security blockage, not bound by external rules that restrict their centralized rivals.
And just the representative in this sphere of providing crypto-exchange services is the Bitex platform.

Bitex is developed by the source code bitcoin. This provides all the protection and transparency of all transactions that are made public by the generation of a chain and crypto-isolation.

Bitex has carried out a simple but powerful integration that allows banks-cipher-chains to interact with various traditional monetary offers and institutions in addition to a variety of structures and services for the purchase and sale of crypto-currency systems.

The bitex platform works with its symbolic xbx coin in the chain market for all sports that it includes. For this reason, the bitex xbx token requires that all transactions be performed on the bitex platform using bitex atm, the bitex, bitexpay, etc. structures of the debit card. These transactions will require a full payment processing and confirmation using the xbx token. Bitex increases the supply of traders in the country.

BitexPay is a service offered by Bitex for consumers and traders to pay for goods and services using crypto conversions. Traders will be able to accept payments in crypto-currencies or currencies of their choice.
Consumers who subscribe to the BitexPay solution will be provided with ERC-20-compatible wallets that contain their crypto-currency reserves. Initially, Bitex will only support the following cryptothermics: BTC, ETH and LTC and Bitex Coin, XBX. As new currencies are added to the EZBitex exchange, consumers will be informed of their availability through mail or social networks.

To achieve its goals, the development team conducts ICO, in order to attract investors for the development of the platform and its further promotion.
Token Sale ends on September 30, 2018, so hurry to take part in it.

The project team conducts the initial placement of the tokens - XBX. They will be used for internal operations inside the platform.
Token: XBX (ERC20)
Total Quantity: 300,000,000
Price: 1 XBX = 0.5 USD
Crowd Sale: June 30, 2013 - Aug 31, 2013
SoftCap: 1 million XBX

itex will use the ERC20 markers, which are generated by a smart contract on ECH's blockbuster.
The advantage of blocking Ethereum over the traditional way is that it is very fast, not expensive, and it is very well provided with many other functions.
This will ensure that the way to distribute rewards in the Internet traffic market will be equal, without deceiving anyone, because intermediaries are removed from the road. This, of course, is good news

Details on the stages of the project development can be found from its road map, which is given below:

More information on all the information you can find on the project website and in Whitepaper:
Also all news about the project can be learned from the social sites of the project:
ANN Theard:
Bounty Theard:

In conclusion, Bitex is here to create simple solutions for people who want to work in the new industry - the crypto industry.
I will also mention a strong and professional team that worked on this platform. And Bitex is a fully functioning system that operates in eight countries. This project is perfect for both large and professional investors, and for people who are important to the security, reliability and legality of financial transactions.
And I was happy to help you today.

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