European Union Terror Fears Drive New Crackdown on Bitcoin Across Member States

The drama of ending all the ancestors, "terrorism", EU MPs decided to impose strict control on Friday (December 15) on the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin

European Union Moves Against Bitcoin

The European Union has updated its 2015 flagship law, the fourth wealth laundering director, so that Bitcoin and similar companies can join the construction of their two-year-old registered business owners. Access to European authorities

Vera Jurwa, European Commissioner for Justice, confirmed: "Today's agreement will lead to better transparency in reducing money laundering and financing terrorism."According to Reuters, "Bitcoin is a portfolio of currency platforms and suppliers that hold bitcoins for customers to identify their users, according to new rules which should now be formally adopted by European States and European legislators and will be necessary Changed into national laws. "

Bitcoin was a tear all year, due to which governments are concerned about adoption and big rights and potential losses of tax shots More terror than the public statements about the use of the property Nevertheless, Bill's Bill was in direct reply to the attacks in Brussels and Paris in the last two years, MPs have called for it.

Deutsche Welle gave detailed explanation of the law in five parts: "Those platforms that transfer bitcoin and" wallet "providers that have cryptocomputers for customers; limit the use of prepaid payment cards; corporations and trusts Enhances the transparency requirements for the owners of National Investigators with National Bank Account Registers Enable easy access to information, they say
That the data of beneficiaries of the trust provides access to "those who can show a valid interest".

Ireland, Cyprus, Great Britain, Malta and Luxembourg all interact at different levels, because in particular these countries are well known for representing financial technology companies.
Stressing less tax and more tax concerns, many media also disclosed disclosures in Panama Heaven and Letters Letters, which inevitably violate the European Union tax evasion (celebrities and big companies) contained in, embarrassing regulators and quoted legislators

This update should be confirmed by the member states and then processed in the beginning of the year 2019.


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