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What is a Boltt coin? is an internet platform for social protection, supported block relationships, which can be geared toward making a virtual community of health sector actors. additionally, the platform can give wearable technical devices for the attention market to use and stimulate users UN agency need to remain in form and reciprocally receive a gift for it. In fact, BolltCoin can work to encourage individuals in such how on stimulate the expansion of health

Bolttcoin Marketplace customers can hunt for basic product and services associated with health care wherever they will pay victimization their own platform token, Bolttcoin (BOLTT) BolttCoin
medical services additionally uses to receive important medical services at a reduction
BolttCoin purse as a condition for payment services, there's a notecase with many signatures for storing custom fictitious and cryptic suggests that
Tournaments and participants of games get the chance to participate in games and sports within the field of health and earn BolttCoin
Exchange interest purpose to confirm the liquidity of cryptocurrencies Boltt provides reliable exchange portals for the conversion of Bolttcoin.

BolttCoin uses blockchain technology for the game's ability. Users will get tokens from the tip of the set health issues and play the info. additionally, the homeowners can use tokens to pay money for transactions, merchandise and services inside a localized scheme.
The main parts of Boltt Coin:
*Mechanism of health remuneration. The specialists have developed a novel strategy, that within the future can create it doable to urge tokens.
*Boltt interaction and tricks. For participants receive awards developed tournaments, challenges, games from complete sponsors, celebrities, moreover as corporations.
*The presence of a localized commerce base. there'll be an inventory of merchandise and sales. additionally offline stores, insurance edges, moreover as utility bill payments.
*Identity management in Boltt. the worldwide attention supplier was developed victimization blockchain technology. it's doable to produce the next level of security, moreover as confidentiality.
*Encrypted Boltt. currently there'll be many choices for charging and payment, cash transfer and localized exchange.

Benefits of operating with the Boltt Coin platform.
Ordinary users UN agency use this platform will have the benefit of the following: send knowledge concerning your health, you'll be able to earn tight money;
2.everyone are going to be able to get an in depth educational program. In several cases, totally different programs pay heaps of cash, however during this case, totally different programs are going to be provided to you for free;
3.anyone UN agency decides to participate are going to be able to receive free treatment;
4.content support support. If you've got a selected downside, you'll be able to invariably decision associate degree skilled.

Bolt Coin BOLTT Token ICO

Bolttcoin can have a $ one billion supply, wherever the gang can sell five hundredth of the tokens. Sale of Crowd Sale can begin from might twenty, 2018, till June twenty, 2018.

Pre-Sale & Values

Boltt makes use of twin blockchain technology supported Waves & Ethereum blockchain protocol to record the individual health records, marketplace, exchange, and notecase transactions. additionally, it utilizes many different technologies to develop the mobile app, business logic and admin backbends guaranteeing the speed, security, and mass adoption. It additionally provides arthropod genus for different systems supported Waves protocol to simply communicate with the Boltt scheme

Details of the token

Selling delivery 500 million BOLTT
Exchange rate 1 ETH 4000 BOLTT, 1 BTC 70 000 BOLTT
Minimum investment 1 BTC ETH LTC
ICO token distribution

Bonus Program 3%
Founding Team 10%
Strategic Partners 3%
Production Steps 15%
Bounty Program 1%
Joint Emission 15%

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Boltt isn't a fly-by-night business. They need been operational since 2015 and have a solid team. in addition, their documentation and plans area unit skilled and everything has been well thought out. If they will produce a platform that's easy and even as inviting as their current work, then i feel Boltt has the potential to create a positive social impact.

I conjointly love that Boltt’s platform is applicable to multiple kinds of stakeholders. Boltt envisions that the subsequent entities will facilitate build their ecosystem:

End users
Personal trainers
Sports and health firms
Health Insurers
Brands and employers
Even if Boltt will encourage a touch physical activity from what folks ordinarily would do, and realize ways in which to create them come and carry on their activity, then i feel Boltt ought to feel proud that they're going to have contributed completely toward a social issue.

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