Dominion Project Overview


What is Dominium ?

Dominium is a decentralised, regulated, belongings financing, belongings listing, and property control platform. it's miles an international platform on which regulatory documentation for property funding is standardised and assets are positioned at the blockchain alongside belongings income, rentals, and control.

The Dominium platform is constructed on an Ardor child chain. This infant chain decentralises the exchange of belongings and locations apartment agreements, purchase agreements, belongings control responsibilities, and more on the blockchain. After obtaining the required regulatory licenses, this could permit agencies to create regulatory compliant assets, with standardised documentation (provided by using Dominium's prison groups), which can be purchased via the Dominium account holders.

assets created at the blockchain might be absolutely obvious and the asset tokens could be tradable on the Dominium platform as a result making them liquid.

Dominium is underwritten through a portfolio of assets belongings producing an income and making sure the future development and upkeep of the platform.

Why is dominium important?

Dominium will have a platform for investment in this area. This platform will be available using tokenization and blocking, which allows people to enter the market by purchasing a game or token. Now he can easily or easily enter the market. The office of a decentralized real estate transaction will allow anyone to invest in this area, eliminating significant barriers to entry.

Dominium will also have a platform for managing individual characteristics. Real estate professionals, agents, tenants and property managers will store blockchain data. These decentralized data will remain unchanged for fraudulent, impenetrable, and transparent purposes. This will make the management of the area more flexible and more perfect.

Dominium will generate a utility token that is not a property. All payments on the Dominium platform will be resolved using the DOM token. The sign will be used when participating in such activities as signing a contract for the purchase or lease of property for sale or rent, vote for charity, create a real estate transaction ticket.

How it works

So that it will engage within the actual property enterprise, Dominium have to comply with basic governmental guidelines. specifically, it is important to comply with know-your-patron (KYC) and anti-cash laundering (AML) legal guidelines.
consequently, participators in Dominium need to register with the platform on the way to free up full platform functionality.The verification technique has three clearance levels and includes the supplying of :

  • Email address (CL1)
  • Mobile phone (CL1)
  • Valid ID (Passport, Photo ID, Driving license) (CL1)
  • Recent proof of address (such as utility bill or bank statement) (CL2)
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) (CL2)
  • Bank account details in the name of the account holder (CL2)
  • Self-Certification of HNW status or Investor Type status (CL3)

Some Reasons to Join in Dominium Platform

There are several benefits to the system that you may recollect to be able to be a part of the environment.

  • the use of blockchain generation has been established to growth liquidity and safety of transactions. you'll experience transactions which are executed transparently in decentralized systems.

  • Dominium realizes a healthful actual estate investment gadget with the aid of utilizing the modern day generation for a higher and safer and more cozy operation.

  • you may benefit get right of entry to globally to each investment you're making in the surroundings. The platform may be accessed anytime and everywhere you're.

  • the usage of cryptocurrencies will assist you have practical and lower priced transactions without the need to involve intermediaries or 1/3 events whilst making an investment.

  • The gadget is run beneath the prison law with a purpose to boom the comfort and security of transactions that you make on the ecosystem.

  • The quantity of great DOM Tokens will continue to be controlled to maintain the liquidity of operations on the ecosystem

  • The virtual platform could be extra at ease and extra bendy to continue to be advanced with a aggregate of the state-of-the-art and updated technology

  • Dominium prioritizes the convenience and convenience of traders when putting price range in the atmosphere.

  • The Dominium Platform was designed via a organization that has revel in within the belongings sector considering the fact that 1833 so that it may understand the marketplace and the desires of traders appropriately.

ICO details

Token Token - DOM
Total volume of tokens issued - 1 000 000 000 DOM
The total amount of tokens for sale: 700,000,000 DOM
The private sale:July 1, 2018.
cost of the token:€ 0.05 per DOM
The minimum purchase: 10,000 DOM
Soft Cap - € 2,500,000
Hard Cap - € 92,500,000
Accepted currency: EUR, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, NXT, ardor, IGNIS

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