Esports environment proposes to introduce into move a single cryptocurrency for gamers from all around the global, as well as to sponsor gamers and tournaments through similarly growing the prize pools. This measure will permit gamers to have a single cryptocurrency for eSports and earn even greater.

funding for gamers and tournaments is added to the pool of prizes, in addition to specific electronic cash for game enthusiasts around the world. as a result, game enthusiasts can earn electronic money for electronic sports activities and make extra cash.
You do no longer ought to be a community participant to play games. You just need an ESports ecosystem, an ESE token for your pockets. you may get additional tokens for storing ESE, possibly passive passive profits.

A simple interest of game enthusiasts who need to overcome the enlargement of on-line games, approach, or a cyber-area shooter, is being emphasized by a completely famous vicinity within the field of digital sports. formerly, mini-games had been held, the opposition become no longer inferior to the size of classic sports activities, and virtual tournaments became legit sports. Cybersport collaborates with millions of fans and competes with era.

The gaming enterprise is a exquisite device for progress because of person excitement and dedication. because of the massive call for for all new games and the choice of customers to triumph over different elements of the manufacturer, pet seize is constantly concerned inside the improvement and improvement of computer games. This will increase the demand for laptop performance and permits gamers to regularly replace their computers. Of path, all this has increased the demand for cutting-edge components and to a point modified the industry.

for this reason, the game is a reasonably powerful movement that takes on a large monetary base with a cutting-edge appearance. The emergence of the arena of block series and the highbrow agreement can not be left out, manifestly, in the shape of digital sports activities. And, in my opinion, the introduction of this generation into the enterprise is a superb solution.

a unique currency for gamers within the field of electronic sports activities, supplying recreation passwords, in addition to referral gives and sponsorship, has expanded the range of bonuses. for this reason, gamers can earn digital money for electronic sports activities and make more money.

To profit from the game, you aren't a network of sports activities gamers, you only have an electronic ecosystem - an ESE-wallet card. you may get extra tokens for storing ESE, likely passive passive earnings.

inside the near future, ESE cards can be purchased at the beginning of the project. The atmosphere of ecosystems presents ESE to attract investment for the deployment of the platform.

The Mission of eSports

The task is to become the same old cryptocurrency for all eSports. The assignment of the team's token, the eSports surroundings(ESE) is to create a digital currency to carry rate to the eSports ecosystem. This cryptocurrency can be used for many stuff: as cryptocurrency payouts to the players, as an access rate into tournaments, to change for products on-website or on-line and most significantly, this cryptocurrency is probably used for the increase and facilitation of the esports atmosphere. 17% of the whole preliminary supply might be stored in a public pockets and we are able to use the only's fee variety to provide decrease back to the esports surroundings via adding to prizes swimming pools, with the resource of sponsorship gamers, groups and tournaments, for charities, for gaming scholarships, for commercial to bring attention and increase to esports among others matters.

Token Detail:

• Token ticker: ESE

• Total time supply: 10,000,000,000

• Maximum token supply: 30,000,000,000

• Pre sale dates: 15th to 30th September 2018

• Pre sale price: $0.0019

• Public sale dates: 10th to 31st October 2018

• Public sale price: $0.0039

• Total Hardcap: $22,147,000 USD

Active partners Esports ecosystem


Project Development Team

The undertaking team includes key specialists, such as skilled gamers, builders of distribution answers, coding professionals, economic specialists and designers. As dear human beings, suitable contacts with authentic agencies.






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