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About the Foresting project.

Seeing the technical record of this project, it becomes clear that it is pretty interesting and now not as easy because it appears at first look. The Foresting undertaking is a brand new particular social community, that is based on blockchain generation, allowing all customers to grow to be creators of special content material and at the identical time get a fair praise for it.

the main issues that the Foresting mission will solve:

All information and private data of customers are really non-exclusive. there's no consumer information safety;
promoting of wrong and distorted statistics;
Abundance of non-applicable and non-thrilling content promoted on a paid foundation;
Inefficient regulation via the control of social networks;
a whole lot of faux customers.
the combination of blockchain era by way of the Foresting venture will help to put off maximum of the issues. this could make the entire method as transparent as possible and every person becomes real. way to the decisions of the Foresting challenge developers, absolute anonymity is maintained and private facts of users will become inaccessible to 0.33 parties without the consent of the owners. each user who will be capable of creating high-quality and popular content will receive a fair reward corresponding to their contribution.

Despite the fact that there are similar projects on the market, Foresting still stands out from them, as it has ideas related to the latest innovations. Do not forget that the project plans to develop its own crypto-money Bank with the help of which fair rewards will be issued and entry for many users will be simplified.

The Foresting Network And Ecosystem

FORESTING community will be to be had to any character without the need for previous information of cryptocurrency or blockchain. the new idea look to create a community platform in an effort to enable users to comprehend the value of content material introduction. foresting community is designed to permit for the profitable of content era, and a distribution gadget of income for the vendors. All content kinds are eligible for profitable, consumption and aid at the content material-oriented system

Foresting assignment introduces a brand new ecosystem that consists of a forest (community participants) that paintings on standards consisting of Networking, interacting, and connecting. The surroundings is used to help users receive repayment for his or her social media posts.The surroundings also encompasses the subsequent capabilities:

Foresting bank - The center of Foresting community is to provide financial services to sustain the content remuneration. as a way to be to be had via the digital finance institution, Foresting bank.

Foresting Platform - a part of Foresting operates as a blockchain social media platform that works under a decentralized system for fair cost distribution.

Foresting Lab - except supporting activities at the Foresting network, there is additionally assist for groups and marketing sports of the content creators.


With the fine which means of Phytoncide (genuinely manner the essence of the woodland became a substance), Foresting will use PTON tokens for the day after day operations. Rewards for the content can be given out with PTON tokens. PTON tokens might be generated thru user contribution inside the community, just as trees in the wooded area contribute within the Phytoncide process.
• customers from everywhere in the international will participate at the Foresting platform. Foresting will facilitate tremendous alternate choices for them to monetize their PTON rewards as preference
• users may also be able to donate the PTON tokens for the contents they locate attractive
• content material creators will be able to select the advertisements they need to show up with their content material and get rewarded with the aid of PTON.
Private Presale: April 2018 till May 2018
Public Presale: July 2018 till August 2018, Price- 1 ETH= TBD
ICO: August 2018 till September 2018, Price- 1 ETH= TBD
Token name- PTON
Blockchain- Ethereum
Model- ERC-20
Token supply- 24,000,000,000 tokens
Available for sale- 9,600,000,000 PTON (40%)


Foresting makes it possible for content makers from everywhere all through the world to get remunerated. The idea of this new web primarily based life token can transform your substance right into a coins. Foresting depends on the formation of bitcoin and a logic shared through Satoshi Nakamoto and John Rawls on an all the extra reasonable society. As needs be, the Foresting system fathoms the asymmetry of the facts that is pervasive in our standard public, seeks after affordable contracts, conveys them as indicated via their capacity, and offers dynamic commitments with each different. Foresting is a blockchain based totally online life level that is going amiss from the movement arrangement of traditional net primarily based life stages. It offers an affordable esteem conveyance framework for clients who're the real owners of the degree. they carry content material via blockchain advances and upload to degrees in an assortment of structures.

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