INGOT Coin is the first integrated wallet with virtual financial institution, Brokerage, trade, Certifier, and ICO Accelerator. INGOT Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that offers benefits and discounts inside the environment itself. IC might be based totally on ERC20 generation. All additives are rolled into a single and complete atmosphere, which rewards token holders and purchasers to apply and contribute.

The IC atmosphere will remodel trades, settlements and payments and make them instantaneous, bringing collectively exceptional essential additives and cutting out 1/3 birthday celebration intermediaries who generally put off the process and growth related fees.

Why INGOT Coin with Blockchain?

Every person must be agreed on a factor that the Blockchain era is a first rate invention for these days as it made such a platform for us to reshape the world of business and made it higher with the net.
INGOT Coin can be based totally on blockchain generation and within the help of blockchain technology it will create a specialised surroundings where it will utilize
clever Contracts to facilitate the execution of different contracts because INGOT Coin will make a connection among the crypto market and the finance market. This time the purchaser could have extra self assurance, they may get a liquidity, they will get an efficient market charge and an get admission to to finances for all variety of stakeholders.
also, INGOT Coin will provide a low fee and quicker transactions, a decentralized system with a purpose to be more comfortable and obvious with the blockchain generation.


The problem confronted via the traditional financial markets mainly in buying and selling and financing is transparency and high transactions charges. additionally, the distance among crypto and economic markets brings in the hassle of transferring the capital of an investor from one marketplace to every other. Even the fund is transferrable the transaction price associated is very high and takes a long time to finish the technique. within the financial marketplace there are many intermediaries which include number one banks or brokerage firms due to which lot of money is deducted. The crypto market is handling the agree with trouble in the minds of many traders. The lack of information approximately crypto market is likewise the reason because of which many buyers step again earlier than making an investment.

Solution: INGOT Coin Ecosystem

The IC environment will provide the solution to all of the problems via linking the crypto marketplace and the economic marketplace. The ecosystem consists of six additives that allows you to paintings collectively to deliver out the first-rate solution.

IC wallet:
IC wallet could be based on blockchain technology with a view to be related with IC virtual bank. With the help of IC pockets users can alternate tokens with other wallets and exchange tokens with fiat cash or vice-versa. basically, IC wallet will shop cryptocurrency.

IC exchange:
IC exchange will consist of all of the cash and upcoming ICOs. this may additionally consist of listing of cash against which fiat cash, monetary devices or crypto forex may be listed. in this way the investor could have wider picks of investments. IC change might be integrated with IC wallet, IC brokerage and IC digital financial institution.

IC Brokerage:
IC brokerage will have get right of entry to to all traditional property and financial gadgets. IC brokerage can be integrated with IC pockets and IC virtual financial institution to make buying and selling green. If any consumer wants to purchase a inventory, then the consumer will vicinity the order to IC brokerage via IC pockets. The fiat as a way to be generated in alternate of cryptocurrency through IC trade could be saved in IC brokerage account.

IC digital bank
IC digital bank will act as fiat wallet for the customers. It additionally gives e-payment for the users where they are able to use debit card to pay for the products and services inside and outside the surroundings. The IC digital financial institution will be connected with IC wallet and IC brokerage account.

IC Crypto Certifier:
IC crypto certifier objectives to unfold consciousness about blockchain technology to the buyers. It includes various licensed guides which might be primarily based on blockchain, economic consulting, IT, cryptography and so on.

IC ICO Accelerator:
IC ICO Accelerator will help upcoming blockchain tasks to trouble their ICO. professional offerings can be furnished together with supplying them advisors and building content for his or her whitepaper. they may additionally assist such new initiatives to accumulate their own internet site.


As an inclusive surroundings, INGOT is a pioneer in several approaches, and as a result, it is able to have several ability benefits:

IC bank presents a decentralized ledger that permits transparency

bank IC removes the want for a fee with the smallest micro fee even with out an intermediary

The IC pockets offers the highest requirements of protection that make sure clean and comfy records transfers for fiat and cryptocurrency.


The INGOT coin is a virtual forex that might be used inside the INGOT atmosphere to reward individuals (investors and clients) who're holders of the coin. they will be rewarded for the usage of the coin and participating in the environment. INGOT might be built using the ERC20 generation.
INGOT Token Information
• Pre ICO starts: 01 May 2018
• Pre ICO ends: 30 June 2018
• ICO starts: 01 July 2018
• ICO ends: 11 August 2018
• Token: IC
• Price: 1 IC= 1 USD
• Bounty: Available
• Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)
• Soft cap: 37,000,000 USD
• Hard cap: 90,000,000 USD
• Country of Origin: Estonia

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