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Ingot Coin have come up with an concept of modern surroundings based totally on the blockchain era to link Crypto Markets with conventional economic Markets. by using introducing blockchain generation they're creating an atmosphere so as to increase consumer’s confidence, marketplace liquidity and offer customers to do transactions in more efficient manner. With the blockchain they may be eliminating 0.33 birthday party involvement who typically put off the procedure and elevated transaction fees.

The hassle is the current financial system lacks in efficiency and transparency. ineffective shape of modern-day economic marketplace in which transaction price is higher, and time is taken longer for transaction system because of 1/3 party inclusion. Many middlemen which include banks, brokerage firms related to in trading and economic activities deducting excessive charges from traders. there is lack of consider problem with crypto markets because of liquidity and lack of understanding inside the marketplace approximately blockchain.

Ingot coin aims to eradicates the intermediates and external interfaces that limits the traders from full conducting all of the markets. by means of the use of blockchain era.

inside the present day economic system investors are facing the hassle with Uncontrollable carrier price and shortage of performance and transparency. This outcomes the dearth of trust in the market for brand spanking new entrants.

Time is the most sizeable aspect inside the trading, however within the existing centralized system it lost the lead and facet. And local compliance likes KYC (know your purchaser) and AML (Anti money Laundering) which restricts the international traders from local commercial enterprise publicity.

Ingot coin will provide the solutions for traditional trading flaws.

it is incorporated with 6 center atmosphere additives.
• IC virtual financial institution
• IC pockets
• IC ICO Accelerator
• IC Crypto Certifier
• IC alternate
• IC Brokerage

IC wallet:

it's miles a blockchain based totally crypto pockets. on this consumer can send obtain and save their cryptocurrencies. This wallet is integrated with IC virtual financial institution it lets in customers to pay with fiat currencies and vice versa.
IC exchange:

IC alternate is integrated with IC pockets. in this consumer can exchange the primary cryptocurrencies

IC ICO Accelerator:

IC ICO Accelerator is a One keep forestall it enables the marketers and raise the price range with the aid of imparting company solutions, advertising and marketing services, PR offerings. And, it helps ICOs to listing their tokens at affordable fees.

IC digital bank:

IC virtual financial institution is the automatic fee processing. It allows the IC trade and IC Brokerage obligations also affords fund management and buying and selling sports

IC Crypto certifier:

It goals to build attention and teach interested parties on the blockchain era it consists of numerous publications like it Consulting, Cryptography, economic consulting.

IC Brokerage:

it is the hub for of all of the financial products starting from fiat currencies to worldwide equities. IC Brokerage permits users to exchange on commodities like Crypto, Gold.
It provides identical possibilities to all the contributors regardless kind of change or initial capital.

Advantages of INGOT COIN

• highly liquid alternate.
• Multicurrency change.
• Minimizing the dangers.
• Debit card
• smooth payment approach: The atmosphere will offer an smooth technique of fee that allows for easy profiting in commercial enterprise for anybody. Ingotcoin will remedy the trouble of delay charge which brought on terrific loose.
• external approach of bills: similar to different cryptocurrencies, will boom the charge technique whose value can be nicely displayed on the exchanges sites. The presence of tokens shall carry an powerful token rate.
• security: through the manner of security we imply that everybody in ownership of token could have the excessive room for improvement of excessive profits. Such excessive gains may be seemed on through the rate. by profits, we’re searching inside the route of dividends.

The main features of the platform architecture are:

• Proprietary low-degree, excessive-speed, and low-latency matching engine as a middle of the alternate architecture.
• marketplace data distribution through inner excessive-velocity and low-latency publisher/subscriber version with final transport thru net sockets.
• chronic order and person facts garage in car-rebalanced sharded databases for optimum overall performance and availability.
• four-layer root-backbone-leaf structure with auto scaling leaf nodes.
• real-time marketplace information and order management blended with asynchronous submit-processing.
middle systems using curated low-latency community hardware equipment which could address loads of millions of orders according to 2d across trading pairs at the same time as preserving < 10ms latency for order response.
• Direct market access for expert high-frequency buyers - special access will assure a bodily near place to Ingot infrastructure and proximity to Ingot matching engines.
• advanced control offerings layer to secure fund actions (orders and withdrawals) and continual system consistency exams.
• usage of custom HSM and Shamir's secret Sharing Scheme for personal key and wallet control.

About tokens and ICO:

Tokens: ICC.
Total issued tokens: 120,000,000 ICC.
Soft cap: $ 37,000,000
Hard cap: $ 90,000,000
Beginning of sales: 1.07.18
End of sale: 11/08/18
Cost token: 1 ICC = $ 1

White paper:

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