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iTrue is a new solution of blokschain-as-a-Serve (BaaS) with built-in authentication system. This permits firms, built-in addition to builders, to built-in their productivity, enlarge their programs and do them with the most security much built integrated. iTrue built-in organizations and developers to create dependable, extensible and scalable applications, which notably will builtintegrated each the level of confidentiality of statistics and its built-in.
Tokenomika iTrue encourages customers once they share their data, and awards corporationsintegrated for built-ing built-in facts sharbuilt-ing and application improvement. any other feature of iTruye's platform is the built-in statistics garage (Stone garage), which gives excessive process integratedg velocity and massive garage with out compromisbuilt-ing privacy built-in.
At present, there may be a integrated call for for reliable, excessive-performance and safe identification and security systems. that is due to the integrated built-in the wide variety of built-infbuiltintegrated built-inintegrated-united states of americabuilt-inintegrated progressive digital offerbuiltintegrated.

built-ingsintegrated builtintegrated cashless payment systems offer comfort and ease of transactions. New fbuilt-inteh tasks and online built-in acquire huge amounts of statistics from their users, gabuilt-inintegratedg huge blessbuiltintegrated and even built-ingintegrated their private recordsintegrated. consequently, customers are built-inintegrated built-inintegrated how companies use their recordsintegrated.

thanks to the iTrue undertakbuiltintegrated, customers could have whole manipulate over their personal recordsintegrated. Biometrics will offer secure and easy get admission to to digital and tangible built-ings, built-instance, a vehicle and a home. iTrue could be capable of notify its customers about whereintegrated and the way their sensitive builtintegrated is used.


With the evolution of technology in our lives, all our personal data is stored in devise, people regularly autosave their passwords or they write down the strong passwords, so there will no guarantee about the password, all the data and passwords are stored in centralized systems of the companies or groups, once it failed or hacked it causes huge loss for the organisation or individuals, typically excessive protection ERP charges 2-3 times greater than the everyday ERP, groups frequently buy regular one to reduce the price of operation, users don’t have manipulate over their information and usage of plastic debit card and credit score card will reason the environmental damage.


To clear up the digital safety issues in current machine, it has give you blockchain based solution imparting excessive safety capabilities for the system. it's far a totally decentralized platform which guarantees the no safety threat and failure of central machine, offers entire authority of manage over their information it's far incorporated with biometric verification by means of iris and vein which is the maximum advanced safety function inside the virtual international.

it can be used in various fields like authorities schemes, banking’s, ATM, school’s hospitals, personal automobiles, motels, license, boarder protection and many others.


Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)
As a blockchain, iTrue deals with the enhancement of the security, capacity and speed storage of decentralized applications. This means that the need of heavy budgets on storage replacement are wiped off, data deletion is immutable, and unlimited speed and capacity is assured.
For Individual Users;
• Privacy
• Confidential storage of data
• Ease of Access
• Participation in Data Economy

For Businesses;
• Automation
• Compliance with Regulation
• Data Exchange
• Customized Applications
For Developers;
• Time-to-Market and Scalability
• Tokenized Benefits
• Extensibility and Turing Completeness

Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS)
• Identity Verification (IDV)
With iTrue, security and privacy through biometric recognition, are provided to users of financial institutions at low cost. Also, expenses of KYC procedures are reduced to almost zero and boosts user experience.
• Biometric Recognition
iTrue makes identity simpler and easier. As your biometrics (hand veins, fingerprints, iris and facial recognition) are unique to you, no one has access to your assets and liability.
• Privacy Control
With iTrue, personal privacy is guaranteed. In compliance with GDPR, users know exactly who has access to their data. for instance, if you need to authenticate on a specific carrier (say a social network), then you need to verify which you are sharing your statistics with that service.

Token economy:

iTrue issues Ethereum based totally application tokens referred to as “ITU” which can be used inside the internal ecosystem for the rewards and offerings availed.

Token details:

Token symbol- ITU
Total Supply of tokens: 8 Billion
Price – $0.01 USD
Soft Cap – $7.5M USD
Hard Cap – $40M USD


The iTrue platform has already agreed that its biometric authentication provider is included into the huge commercial community change middle Europa, turns into a veritable test of this era. it's far deliberate that iTrue will offer Europa with better security, increasing the confidentiality of users after they make transactions in one of the maximum sizeable enjoyment and buying centers in Russia.

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