STEALTHCRYPTO - Anonymous, Encrypted, Decentralized.


StealthCrypto’s blockchain improvements will decentralize networks, communications, as well as servers,and could radicalize infrastructure. We’re no longer speaking about monolithic assets with prohibitive limitations to entry, the quint vital server farm managed by a centralized actor. StealthGrid is constructing a decentralized international meshed network–StealthCrypto that adopts the sharing financial system model for network get admission to, growing communications that offer an financial incentive that allows users to percentage the unused data storage, bandwidth, or mine for income. Monetizing the loose alternate of data storage and bandwidth, via a secondary marketplace, permits for free marketplace forces to power network increase in which it is maximum needed.

StealthCrypto may also leverage their quantum mesh network generation to build a decentralized IoT and verbal exchange’s destiny. Aquantum mesh community is a network topology wherein every node is capable of relaying facts for different sand making use of aproprietary stop-to-stop quantum protection encryption algorithm and authentication that is dynamic. Withahyper-dimensional version, information isn't always best transferring from blockchain nodes and servers, but is also creating a extra complicated Hilbert area with hyper dimensional model sand overlay patterns. All mesh community nodes cooperate, and with every collaborating node, the attain, through put and resilience of the network is reinforced. these applications will shift the balance of energy faraway from centralized government in the subject of communications, statistics garage, forex, commercial enterprise, and even politics and regulation


  • StealthCrypto community sees to it that facts may be downloaded from multiple assets simultaneously which will increase the speed of networks.
  • The network ensures that records is made to break up, saved and distributed via blockchain places and diverse countries. there's no unmarried location that could shop the entire document and no single employer owns this as a responsibility. this could in one manner or the other, make sure information veracity and also making it very hard for hackers around to gaining access to the ones files.
  • there is the era of higher performance via getting access to statistics from divers vicinity or vicinity through worldwide subscribers or customers.
  • It additionally guarantees that decentralized mesh network of stealthcrypto nodes are absolutely constructed now not forgetting the modern VPN and proxy protocols, in addition to the alternative answers.
  • moreover, it ensures the empowerment via subscribers or customers via privacy managed merchandise and these merchandise tend to make excellent use of the meshed communication network. for instance is the stealthCrypto telephone.
  • StealthCrypto community also sees to the securing of private information/facts from customers. as an instance, customers assume that their credit score statistics, addresses and some odd statistics about them are given the essential safety.

StealthGrid’s innovation

Some of the important thing safety solutions that StealthGrid is supplying through its platform are as follows:

  1. Cyber protection: StealthGrid permits for simplicity, security, authentication, governance, and speed on your private, and controlled clouds demands.
  2. Cloud safety: It consistently defends your precious facts and programs, no matter their places.
    three. IoT safety: The platform lets in IoT builders to break up, encrypt, and compress all IoT statistics in transit and at relaxation.
  3. communication: Stealth cloud makes to be had encrypted communications, from begin to finish. thanks to the gadget, end-to-cease encryption for e mail, voice calling, messaging, phone calls, and cloud garage could not be as less difficult as it's far now.
  4. Quantum cryptography: Stealth Grid’s quantum-secure safety answers together with Quantum Key technology, Quantum Key Distribution (Quantum Cryptography) and Quantum-secure network Encryption offer unparalleled safety for records with long-lasting value and sensitivity. Civilization is on the stop of a major disruption in records technology. It has the potential to alternate the sport for just about the whole lot you do: the manner you do enterprise, the manner you talk, even the manner you cater in your primary desires. What makes this disruption stand aside is a decided shift closer to the empowerment of the man or woman, leaving at the back of the companies. A shift to wherein privacy and individual freedom will start to remember extra than reliability and convenience.

Stealthcrypto Token

KYC Of Investors: No
Goal Of Funding: 100.000.000 USD
Tokens For Sale: 100.000.000 QMN
Token Price: 1 QMN = 1.00 USD
Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCC, LTC, ACH, Fiat
Platform: Ethereum
Location: Gibraltar

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