Every year the popularity of virtual currencies is increasing, and, consequently, the volume of use in trade. Today, the most effective way to make money on virtual currencies is trading altcoin. However, to access it, novice users must buy ETH or BTC virtual currency for later use. Actually, this is not so easy, because most cryptocurrency trading platforms do not give their customers the opportunity to use Fiat funds to buy virtual currency.

What determines the development and success of any trading system or activity is stability, all forms of unstable business or activities cannot be relied upon, and for anything that does not have the capacity for each individual to depend, such activities cannot be protected with people, and if that, the time for such activities will decrease and may end.

The system of using cryptocurrency as a trading and exchange system is an advantage for individual users, which has greatly helped the success of traders and investors, but it is difficult for today's trade exchanges to put an end to the unstable trading system on their platforms, around 212 crypto exchanges exist worldwide, and their level of instability has increased from one sector to another, different crypto exchanges have evolved at different times, but the difficulty of instability has not yet occurred. solved.

More different crypto exchanges find the simplicity of the platform so difficult to attend to, and with this, the price of crypto exchanges becomes more difficult for users, and neither investors nor traders can easily deposit in their wallets and are attractive, because of the crypto exchange there only provides a number of ways in which individual users can deposit into their wallets, thereby creating a very good level of complexity for investors and traders to operate successfully on their platforms.

The total value used by all existing platforms when using their platform for crypto exchanges, also creates a high level of discomfort for users and where all must be solved. It is also a well-known fact that all crypto exchanges are not transparent enough for their users, both investors and traders find it difficult to know the flow in their accounts, the absolute details of each account are not given to users, and this has made it difficult for all their users to decide wisely on their exchanges.

Project objectives
FinanceX is launching their own platform for trading cryptocurrency assets, characterized by a high level of security, low cost, convenience and the ability to use Fiat currencies to buy virtual assets.

Within 3 years, the developers planned that their cryptocurrency trading platform would enter 10 virtual currency trading exchanges in Southeast Asia.
The uniqueness of the new platform is the possibility of using the country's currency to buy cryptocurrency assets. The developers note that to buy ETH, BTC and various altcoins, you can use various payment methods, such as:


In addition, developers claim that funds transfer will take place in 30 seconds, and withdrawing funds and their conversion to Fiat will require no more than 1 hour. At the same time, it should be noted that it is possible to use Fiat currencies in Southeast Asian and Asia-Pacific countries.

WHY FINANCEX has been chosen.

FINANCEX has been developed primarily, both for beginners and experts to have trade opportunities through their simplicity, (using FNX for all forms of transactions) FINANCEX is built on blockchain technology, with the process of creating absolute potential for their work, and with the help of FINANCEX, all individual crypto beginners will be able to make a perfect exchange without having a reason to lose it to the fraudster.

FINANCEX has made provisions for individual users, especially beginners, to have access to the tools that will be provided by FINANCEX, and this will be an opportunity for FINANCEX users to learn quickly and perfectly in their crypto exchanges.

FINANCEX also made their platform very stable in terms of exchanges, and FINANCEX's security must remain unmatched by other crypto exchanges, and also developed a real monitor system that works uninterrupted, and if there are problems that arise, it will be solved immediately.

ICO date and details
The developers will release 900 million FNX coins where 55 percent will be sold as part of the ICO. Token fees for 1, 2 and 3 rounds will be 0.028, 0.036 and 0.047 dollars, respectively. Public sales will be held from November 21 to December 31 this year.

Softcap Project - $ 3 million, hardcap - $ 15 million.

Token and ICO FinanceX information

The name FianaceX tokens is FNX and a total of 900 million FNX will be provided by the FinanceX team. FNX will be an integral part of the FinanceX exchange because it will become the official trading currency of the extraordinary trading platform. The token is ERC-20 from compliance with blockchain technology Ethereum.

There is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) where you will get the opportunity to be part of this big project, believe me, you don't want to miss the opportunity to buy FNX tokens during ICO. The reason is that when FNXToken is registered, the team has a plan to use a portion of the profits made during the ICO to buy and burn FNX tokens every six months. This will be beneficial for investors because it will ensure that the price of FNX tokens will continue to rise because the total supply and supply in circulation will decrease with each burning. Another advantage of buying FNX tokens is a discount that users will enjoy whenever a FNX token is used for trading.

Offer tokens
FinanceX will issue 900 million FNX alarms. FNX will be an official cash exchange on the exchange platform coded by FinanceX and will provide more prominent liquidity to the platform.
Round 1 ICO:
Amount: 120 million Tokens
Price: $ 0.028
ICO Round 2:
Amount: 110 million
Price Token: $ 0.036
Round 3 of ICO:
Amount: 90 million tokens
Price: $ 0.047



FINANCEX also offers a fixed structure with a low cost level and that cannot be compared with other crypto exchanges.

FINANCEX will work in a deep liquidity pool, and that has great support in finding better prices, and also that will create a comfortable and good environment for traders to trade. FINANCEX will support various coins and that ...


Please visit the following link to contribute to this project and to get more complete information:

ICO WebSite:

Exchange FinanceX:

Whitepaper: http: //


Telegram: https: // t .me / FinanceX_Token



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