Largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges

There are so many cryptocurrency exchanges out there and each is seeking to ensure that it becomes one of the tops with the highest trading volume.
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In this article, we will discuss some of the largest exchanges based on the trading volume. They include :

Binance Exchange
This is a new trading exchange that has gone on to become one of the largest exchanges in the world. This exchange gained popularity because of the number of tokens it could trade as well as its low trading fees. Going through this exchange, you will see that it has two trading platforms; the advanced and the basic platforms. This platform is designed to ensure that beginners can easily trade and exchange crypto assets. The main difference between the advanced and the basic trading platforms is that the advanced trading platform offers investors with in-depth analyses of the value of various cryptocurrency exchanges over time. The basic trading platform is laid out in such a way that new traders would be able to navigate through the platform.

Creating an account on this crypto exchange is quite easy. For the Level 1 account holders, they do not need to verify their ID's and this account type comes with a 2 BTC token withdrawal limit. For those who want to upgrade to the level 2, they would have to upload and verify their photo ID and wait until it is approved. The level 2 account holders have the privilege of withdrawing about 100 BTC tokens in a day.

OKEx Exchange
This crypto exchange was developed and launched by and it allows traders to be able to trade with various cryptocurrencies. There is no limitation when using this exchange. Unlike others that have set withdrawal and deposit limits, this exchange ensures that users have no limitation when trading on the platform. This exchange is not only one of the largest, it also happens to be one of the most secure. This platform has integrated various security measures to ensure that all assets on this exchange are backed and guaranteed. To ensure security, this exchange ensures that only a limited amount of BTC tokens can be stored in a cold wallet.

Creating an account on this exchange is quite easy. All you have to do as a trader is to go to their official website and click on registration. You will have to fill in your name and active email address. After you must have, a confirmation mail will be sent immediately to your address.

Huobi Exchange
This is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. According to the exchange, about 350,000 BTC tokens have been traded daily. In the last couple of months, this exchange has launched various platforms to increase its international appeal. Unlike other exchanges, creating an account on this exchange is not as easy. This Chinese company seeks to ensure that traders all over the world could easily trade on their platform. Traders will have to verify their names as well as their email address.

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