PLANTIX: A tokenized recommendation for the referral economy, and more


3 main features of the company:

  • Platform Flexibility
  • Dесеntrаlizеd and Autоmаtеd System
  • Innоvаtivе Arсhitесturе.


- There are many possible ways to refer your network to get an award. Referrers may earn a 10% reward in tokens for any referrals that make a purchase or even earn a commission for the first three purchases; It’s up to the business to choose from. The prize can be in the Plentix token. Rewards can be monetized up to four purchases by referee clients. Prize choices vary from business to business, and include tokens, discounts, or a mixture of both
Every time a business and a customer are connected, every recommendation for a friend, a Plentix token store and a transfer value. Since Plentix is ​​a network platform with a fundamental token that is an asset in the crypto economy, everyone wins: platform success is strongly linked to the success of its users, token growth and ecosystem value supported by Platform plentix (# 4Win)

- A decentralized and distributed Blockchain system — providing businesses and developers with a structure to keep the platform free while, at the same time, allowing a large number of developers to build it. Intelligent contract automation — allows programmers to easily plug and play with supported software, enabling cost reductions with easy scaling and automation capabilities. By using distributed and distributed infrastructure, Plentix provides programmers and businesses with a collection of APIs and open-source features.

- Businesses will have a variety of integration options — allowing them to continue to connect to their CRM system or POS system. While the Plentix platform empowers developers to write their modules, the Plentix application will allow programmers write modules to be combined with Plentix applications and transfer the cost of programming GAS to them when businesses using their software modules have transactions. Apart from some players who work together behind the Plentix app platform, users only see one front-end interface and only need to sign up for a Plentix app.

Token sales:

Token Name : PTNs

Schedule : March 2018

Pre sale bonus : 30%

Pre sale amount : 3,000,000 USD

Crowd sale amount : 7,000,000 USD

Platform : Ethereum

Price 1 ETH = 10000 PTNs

Equity on offer : 60%

Hardcap : 10.000.000 USD

Payment : ETH.

ICO: To fund the development of Plentix, we will have an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for Plentix project tokens, hereafter referred to as PTN. An ICO is an event in which a new cryptocurrency project sells part of its cryptocurrency tokens to early adopters and enthusiasts in exchange for funding. We see this as transparent and well-respected way to raise funds in order to build Plentix. We need development resources and capital for that.

Getting the appropriate resources together - from developers, designers, marketing personnel to a legal team will require funding. We are confident in this endeavor, and want everyone to reap the benefits of a global referral economy. We want to cultivate community participation of Plentix's success. As such, we opted for an ICO, rather than traditional seed and series A funding through venture capital roots. It enables open banking enthusiasts to become part of a larger community of likeminded individuals.

We plan to raise funds in an incremental fashion, starting with a pre-ICO event where selected potential investors will have the opportunity to invest at a discounted rate. We will then open up our main event, the ICO, to the public where all the remaining PTNs will be sold.

Referral economy is ever growing thanks to social media influences and users world wide. While Plentix aims to use this to its advantage, their alpha version of the platform leaves a lot to be desired.



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