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Cryptographic cash trade is all around that truly matters, the establishment of the computerized money advertise. Each tradable resource needs a market where it can be exchanged, and that is the thing that these trades do, they encourage advanced cash business by ideals of their stages advantage courses of action. Inside the universe of digital forms of money trade, there are basically two sorts of trade stage; unified and decentralized. The point of convergence of this article is on unified advanced cash trade stage. Some unified trades are the correct inverse of what they endeavor to depict to the general population; there is an immediate clash between what they speak to and blockchain values. A brought together trade (ex. Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, and so forth.) is controlled by advertise suppositions, predisposition news declarations, pump and dump of tokens. Not reasonable or then again network situated, is it? This is the
fundamental motivation behind why brought together trade that holds the enthusiasm of the network is truly necessary. In all genuineness, I have been a casualty of temperamental, predisposition declaration when I recently joined digital currency exchanging, I was scorched severally by pump and dump stations in messages, phony and channel news about coin cost or posting. These are the real issues that frequent most cryptographic money trade. Am satisfied to disclose to you that all these will be things of the past with eCoinomic.

The eCoinomic Platform

eCoinomic is a new platform that provides financial services to crypto holders by: investment and asset management, exchanges, transfers, and joint settlement between user and partner projects.

The main objective of the eCoinomic project is to develop, market and improve resource-based cryptographic resource services. It offers loan functions, exchanges, transfers, financial management and integration of services and systems through users through online payments.

On the eCoinomic platform, you can get a fiat loan that stores your crypto assets as collateral. For crypto owners, they can now start receiving payments for products and services. People can now buy cryptocurrency as a long-term investment. The eCoinomic platform provides the necessary liquidity that will help crypto holders. Investors will get many benefits from this platform. Smart contracts impose provisions on loan obligations. This protects the investment of crypto holders and fiat investors.


• Secured and unsecured loans are based on money and fiat cryptocurrency

• Long-term and short-term investments in money and fiat cryptocurrency

• Exchange rate risk hedging mechanism for crypto assets

• Financial transactions, exchanges, collateral management

• Payment of goods and services in online digital currency platforms such as eBay and Amazon

• Fiat money transactions, virtual card issuance supported by crypto assets

eCoinomic For crypto owners:

Who buys cryptocurrency as an average and long-term investment expects a high growth rate; Who receives crypto assets as payment for goods and services (eg miners); Startups and funds that require short-term fiat credit.

eCoinomic For investors:

Private sector investors who allocate monetary resources for the purpose of generating income; Institutional investors interested in high profitability and low risk instruments.

The eCoinomic smart contract upholds loan obligations and thus protects investment for crypto asset owners and fiat funds.


• Multicurrency

BTC, ETH, LCH, BCH + TOP10 are accepted.

USD, EUR, and then GBP, JPY, CHF, CNY are listed among the major currencies for loans.

• Speed ​​of Fiat money transactions

This will only take a few minutes, thanks to the payment agent in it.

• Security and transparency

Smart contracts govern procedures for blocking, returning or liquidating collateral.

• Price monitoring system

Check the guarantee value every minute based on data from several exchanges.

• Insurance reserve fund

Increase the attractiveness of the project for large and small investors.

About ICO:

Presale began on March 15 and the ICO public launch took place on May 1, 2018. 150 million tokens form a total inventory of tokens. 45% of total inventory is reserved for presale and public sales. 5 million tokens and 63 million tokens are allocated to presale and ICO. Each token is priced at $ 1. Presale comes with an incredible 85% discount to reduce the token to only $ 0.15. During ICO you can take advantage of bonuses in the range of 40-50%, depending on how early you participate. Softcap and hardcap public sales are $ 9 million and $ 35 million respectively.

Soft cap is reached!

1 CNC = $ 0.2

eCoinomic Token (CNC) is an ERC20 utility token, based on the Ethereum blockchain. The purpose of CNC tokens is to pay service fees on eCoinomic digital platforms.

ECoinomic tokens on the platform will be determined by the market which will be based on CNC + 20% exchange rates. For example, for a loan amount of 10 000 USD, the service fee will be 60 USD, reflected in a CNC token. If the price of 1 CNC token is equal to 1 USD, the cost is 60 CNC tokens. If the price of 1 CNC token is equal to 10 USD, the cost is 6 CNC tokens.

Soft cap is reached!


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