GSENetwork: Bridging Trust Gap Within Parties By Proffering Solution For Economic Sharing Problems

In this new paradigm, facing challenges as a business entity is no longer new to business practitioners and organizations not minding its size, though there are several opportunities that serve as a solution to the acclaimed challenges faced by businesses. Most of these challenges might be the outcome of the unsupportive nature of members of the same business niche or circle or the archaic model of sending and receiving data that are related to the business for its general progress. All this may limit the networking rate and level of responsiveness of business partners or even lead to disputes during contract duration.

As said, every business needs not lack data efficiency and transparency, especially when contributing to the business value chain. The emergence of several platforms on the internet is a top-level avenue where businesses get solutions and based performances for their ongoing activities so as to experience great improvement though it’s very possible to exclude these challenges using the blockchain technology.

What Is GSENetwork All About?

The focus of this project is to restore the lost trust between different parties. It aims to proffer a way out of the Economic sharing problems and it does this with the aid of the powerful digital technology. The advantages this will give the system is security and transparency, and this would fortify the system for its users. This setup has first been tested during the time it was first launched in the year 2008. Then it was known to be tested by so many system updates and it was used to improve so many entities. But with the advent of the digital tech, the entire functions would be amplified and the goodness will be well appreciated. Now the question to be asked is " why has this project chosen to built the solution on the foundation of the blockchain?", it was done that way due to the dependability of this technology, it offers genuine security and ensure real trust between parties.

The difference that would be made by this network will be birthed from the aggregated features it possesses. This features will enhance its functions and help it to achieve it utmost goals. Let's consider some of these features;

A DService network which is designed in this ecosystem together with a DPoS consensus protocol. These will function as one component of the Dservice i.e the decentralized service and this will be useful in aspects like the message delivery system, to guard the system against fraud, and to create a transparent pricing medium.
A model for incentive is created using a Green Mining strategy, this will cause all the transactions done in the system a reward based one. However, the system will also encourage partnership to allow more people to participate and benefit from its model.
A reliable trust network is created and designed to increase the involvement of more users and this will enable the network to design a trust profile for everyone. This is also aided by the use of tokenomics and incentives for users. This will help the platform to give users the control and a chance to add to the quality they provide to the system.

The GSE Token is form of digital currency used in the GSENetwork, the token is useful for every transactions done in this system. This token will soon be sponsored by the Hash wallet system. Users can therefore get this token by joining treasure competition or by opening a treasure box in the system. The GSE token is already listed on some great exchanges like , Bit-Z and FCOIN. You can join the ongoing trading competition on Bit-Z.


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