Roaming is the past!

 Bubbletone is a blockchain platform for the telecom. The company that has been operating in the communication business for more than 20 years has its own operator company with a client base of more than 250,000  users, which undoubtedly shows the success of this project. 

The point of the Bubbletone blockchain platform is to ensure the availability of connection between operators of mobile networks and owners of mobile devices around the world based on blockchain technology. The Bubbletone blockchain platform enables instant connectivity of regional operators' offers abroad, as well as mobile network users and offer providers to interact directly. Interaction between all members will be realized through the block chain. Almost all of us are faced with the question of why, whenever visiting a particular country, we overpay 5-10 times more than the local population, why we spend our money and time buying a Sim card. Cooperation with telecom operators that provide their services in more than 80 countries of the world, in fact, allows to provide services to customers at low prices of local operators without roaming.

How does it work for operators and service providers? 

- All operator has the opportunity to become massively significant without difficult network mergers   

- Direct output to the international telecommunications base with millions of clients. 

- Multiplication of funds through the distribution of services with added price. 

The Bubbletone project includes two main areas: a blockchain platform and a mobile application. 

The main task of Bubbletone's blockchain is to drop expensive roaming technology by introducing smart contracts into the systems of mobile operators. 


Any operator can place their calling plans with prepayment in the form of smart contracts for Bubbletone blockchain, and these calling plans will be visible to all mobile operators and subscribers. As soon as a customer has selected the operator, a smart contract is generated at the blockchain platform; it guarantees confirmation of all transactions and identity authenticity of the cellular network user. The blockchain provides a safe and fast interaction between the operator and the subscriber, so the user saves his money abroad without changing the number and Sim card. 

Connection made directly to the local operator will provide inexpensive calling plans and decent LTE quality with support of the mobile application. 

The Bubbletone mobile application and the beta version of Bubbletone Messenger include the following features: 

-Keeping an internal number during foreign trips; 

- Video and audio calls; 

- Message recording; 

- A trading platform connecting the client and the operator; 

- 100 other communication functions. 

Bubbletone Messenger is currently under development and is available: at Google Play and the Apple App Store. The Bubbletone platform has 4 types of participants: subscribers, mobile operators, service providers and crypto community members. The advantages of the first three participants are explained above, what are the advantages of the crypto community members? 

- Ability to participate and organize online voting, 

- Any owner of the token is given an opportunity to own a license and process transactions in the system.             

Bubbletone Blockchain will present 2 types of tokens in its economy: 

SDR is an internal token, which is used to pay for mobile operators and service providers. 

UMT is a universal token that can be listed on exchanges and used in smart contracts to perform calculation of communication services at the Bubbletone platform. 


Summing up, it's safe to say that the Bubbletone platform for the telecom has a great chance of success and will enjoy incredible popularity among users. Thanks to Bubbletone's strong team, it is possible to change the telecommunication branch dramatically and bring the world industry out of the roaming era.  

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