The growth of market capitalization and an upcoming revolutionary system upgrade



We would like to inform you about the growth of Sharpay market capitalization and an upcoming revolutionary system upgrade.

It is not so easy to list on exchanges as you think. 2 months ago, when Sharpay Team made the first listing and started open market trading S token, the price of S token began to decline according to the “laws” of market. We wrote a big post about it, asked you not to be panic and wait for many weeks and many months. Because our token is not for quick profit. Our token is only an indicator of the success of the development of a large unique product — multishare buttons with blockchain rewards.

Then we made a listing on CoinMarketCap (a must for all good projects) and on the largest decentralized exchange IDEX.

The daily chart of how our token is being traded is now attached to this post. And we like it.

As you can see, for this we rely on the development of our product and open communication with each of you on all social media, as well as our personal chat with

And now, we want to make a big announcement. We are preparing a game-changing upgrade for Sharpay. This upgrade will bring Sharpay to the next level. We have already developed this new feature and we are testing it. Soon we will announce it. Wait!

Do not rush to sell our tokens. Buy now. We are standing at the beginning and there is a long way to go together for us.

IDEX exchange:
SIMEX exchange:

In Sharing We Trust!
Sharpay Team

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