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Have you ever heard of a subbit or SBT token? In this article I will explain about subbit projects, subbit tokens, and ico. SUBBIT tokens or SBT tokens are modular utility tokens developed on the ETH or Ethereum blockchain. Subbit gives users access to exclusive products, savings and cash-back prizes in the SUBBIT Network.

Subbit offers business services to convert all products or services into subscriptions, of course this is very interesting isn't it? not only that subbit also provides new alternative pathways that will have an impact on online and retail payments.

In conclusion, Subbit aims to create a new pattern that attracts consumers around the world. Not only that, Subbit will also try to reward consumers with better value or price, and comfortable access to things that consumers like. subbit market standard for subscribing to B2C payments that creates $ 8 trillion in global market opportunities.

SUBBIT makes cryptocurrency that can be used on thousands main business. By using the SUBBIT vendor, you will immediately benefit access to the benefits of subscription-based business models, including:

• Customer loyalty
• Repeated sales
• Predictable income
• Better cash flow
• Improved ledgers
• Without handling cash

SUBBIT also provides this additional benefit to

• There are no documents
• Order directly in the application to the customer
• Broadcast in the messaging application to customers
• Promotional incentives for customers
• Exposure to thousands of users in SUBBIT market

By using SUBBIT, users will instantly gain the
benefits of subscriptions including :
• Convenience
• Better value and upfront savings
• No need to carry cash
• Access to rewards and promotions

SUBBIT also gives these additional benefits to
• Register once to access thousands of subscription packages
• Message vendor directly via app
• Build up your SUBBIT score for rewards
• Spend cryptocurrency with any vendor in our marketplace
• Powered by blockchain technology, SUBBIT gives buyers the ultimate in simplicity and choice
Subbit intuitive ‘dual’ consumer and vendor mobile app product simplifies the whole entire subscription payment model.

1.Quick signup
Facebook and Google account integration, or simple email registration

  1. All payments accepted
    Credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, Bitcoin, SBT and major cryptocurrencies.

  2. SUBBIT Code Scan ™

  3. SUBB-it! ™
    Subscribe to the things you love in just a few taps.

  4. Manage your account
    Earn exclusive savings and rewards.

  5. Voucher system

  6. Talk to your vendor
    Our in-app messaging system creates a unique communication channel between you and your vendor.

  7. Exclusive offers

  8. Cryptocurrency support
    Our in-app wallet and spot exchange allow you to pay in cryptocurrency at real-time exchange rates.

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