GOLOS and VOX a tale of two real world cryptos.

GOLOS and VOX are very different yet very similar. They both back something that people can use to earn the crypto coin which is rare. GOLOS allows you to earn it on its own blockchain through DPOS and is far more decentralized than the 100% pre-mined VOX coin based on feathercoin, peercoin and litecoin.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches. GOLOS allows inflation to be distributed through upvotes which cost virtually nothing to allocate. Giving it the stigma of "free money for my friends" to overcome. Vox's biggest stigma is its centralization, even though mining is open to the public why mine it when it is Voxelus who has the most to lose if it is not mined. They have a company mining farm..

GOLOS overcomes its free money for my friends stigma by self correcting via peoples own up-vote choices and the 10% inflation rate keeps things from getting out of hand. If all the inflation went to one person. they can still only dump 10% of total GOLOS per year.

I believe VOX will overcome its stigma of centralization soon. It has an advantage in the fact the company is holding back 3/4 of the total 200 million supply to be released in chunks to the public TBA. This means speculators are already pricing in 4x VOX's marketcap and as the coins are released... Think GOVT Bitcoin auctions. You get the idea. Centralization does provide control and when you are dealing with a publicly traded company you want control.

The only way to earn VOX is by creating cool assets inside Voxelus and selling them for VOX. possibly giving it a high perceived value due to the time put in creating. Just as the growing GOLOS community gives our token value the VR world is set to expand along side VOX and an eager dev community from "2d" games

Just noticed there is an EUR market for VOX for those who don't have Bitcoin.

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