Neironix A solution for safe investment

Neironix is an independent international rating agency for evaluating investment risks in blockchain-economy, assigning ratings to projects based on the results of mathematical calculations, neural networks, and multidimensional analysis of large amounts of data.

Neironix's mission is to become a global provider of financial and analytical information about cryptocurrency markets necessary to make informed investment decisions and build long-term market strategies.

The goal of the project is to develop a global risk-oriented methodology for managing investment processes in the blockchain economy.

Neironix’s valuation methodology is based on the ISO31000: 2018 (E) principles of international risk management and uses similar approaches to risk assessment for both professional investors and institutional funds belonging to the classical economy. Currently, ISO31000: 2018 (E) is adopted in 88 countries with the highest level of GDP.

In 2019, the project will receive an international patent for patents on a developed risk management methodology for investment processes in the block chain economy. Subsequently, this methodology will be brought to the attention of market regulators and stakeholders.

Platform functionality

The Neironix project as a global aggregator of financial analytics on cryptographic cards allows you to accumulate and classify aggregated information into risk factors that are interpreted for later use of ICO scoring and blockchain projects

Neironix uses an integrated approach to rating formation using at least 75 key dynamic risk factors. This approach allows you to create an objective picture of the investment attractiveness of the ICO, blockchain project and provide potential investors with objective information about key and strategic indicators and potential risks. The rating is based on the assessment of the set of essential parameters peculiar to the subjects of rating or their groups.

The Neironix rating methodologies allow to single out a combination of factors affecting the reliability and investment stability of an ICO project. The objectives of the rating also include determining the stability of such states and evaluating the correlation with other important evaluated characteristics. The Neironix project uses ordered scales to display actual rating results. The main task of the rating scales is to transform the collected information files into a single compact form of rating estimates, which can serve as a recommendation for potential investors in developing a long-term investment strategy and expediency of cooperation with the blockchain project, as well as a form of a visual display of the current state of ICO. The Neironix project uses a single unified rating scale, which presents a quantitative indicator of the level of risk (total or partial loss of investment) by scoring (scoring) from 0 to 100, where 0 is an increased risk level, 100 is a high investment reliability of the project. The resulting figure is reflected in the rating of the platform Neironix.

NRX Tokens

The emission of NRX is 140 million tokens, there are no additional issues. The total amount of funds raised is $ 31,000,000 to the current USD / ETH rate at the time of implementation. (68% of the issue). All unrealized tokens are burned at the end of Token Sale. The cost of one NRX token: 1 NRX = 0.001061571 ETH. Minimum amount for Token Sale: 0.1 ETH. Accepted currency: ETH, BTC.

Utility NRX token is used in the NEIRONIX ecosystem, as a means of payment - the project's internal currency necessary to purchase any, without exception, advertising-information services.

For the team, the tokens will be frozen for up to 6 months, and for partners and consultants for up to 3 months

We will ensure a steady increase in the cost of the NRX token with the following factors:

growing demand for Neironix platform services;

buyback token;

deflation, 100% burning of all received tokens in conditions of limited emissions


  1. For private investors

For private investors, newbies and other participants in the cryptocurrency investment market, Neironix provides the following analytical data:

  • the results of the final rating, multi-factor scoring of ICO-projects;

  • monitoring and notification of changes in the ICO-project rating;

  • monitoring the implementation of key road map obligations, in the context of each implemented ICO project;

  • cognitive analysis of the media and social media, in the context of each implemented ICO-project;

  • cryptocurrency popularity index and tokens;

  • financial market analytics;

Access to a system of customizable financial analytics monitoring notifications.

  1. For professional investors

Neironix provides the following data types for professional cryptocurrency investors, cryptocurrency market experts and blockchain analysts:

  • the results of the final rating, multi-factor scoring of ICO-projects;

  • dynamic tracking of risk factors and the degree of their influence on the final rating;

  • flexible monitoring system and notifications about deviations of the acceptable risk level relative to the ICO-project;

  • structured analysis of capital in the context of each ICO-project at the stages of Token Sale;

  • structured analysis of the largest holders of tokens in the context of each implemented ICO-project;

  • cognitive analysis of the media and social media in the context of each implemented ICO-project;

  • monitoring of planned and actual listing of tokens on stock exchanges;

  • cryptocurrency popularity index and tokens;

  • indices and multipliers;

  • historical data and analytics on financial markets;

  • market surveys and analysis;

  • media and media analytics;

structured data for the preparation of professional judgments

  1. For ICO

The following functional of the Neironix platform is available to the team of ICO projects and blockchain startups:

  • project management at all stages of its life cycle;

  • comparison with ICO-projects with similar functionality, implementation and idea;

  • complete checklist for ICO preparation;

  • ICO scoring;

  • KYC verification of project participants;

  • ICO blogging on the Neironix platform;

  • publication of press releases, reports and news of the project.

  • analytics of token trades on stock exchanges, notifications on the movement of funds from large holders;

  • analytics of advertising sources, automatic selection of sites for placement


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