Republia ICO Overview


Republia is a large-scale decentralized project consisting of elements of countries familiar to people in the virtual space and operating mechanisms that are created thanks to the blockchain.
The global system Republia includes a huge number of functioning tools that work through a clearly defined structure. This structure operates according to a set of special rules, as a result of which each user receives a full guarantee of the safety and comfort of applying the structure at any stage of work.
As a basis for this project, the basic principles of the blockchain functioning are laid down, namely:

1 User information is completely secure, guaranteed data and financial protection thanks to integration with the Republia blockchain system.
2 A fair solution to every dispute.
3 Any user of the project can view the information he needs.
4 Clients of the ecosystem can directly affect the work of the project.

Daniel Shulyaev
Extensive experience in developing technologies in blockchain domain, participation in the implementation of new project, support, maintenance and analysis of existing solutions of Ukrainian and international companies. Daniel contributed to four successfully functioning projects, including ULT and MinexSystems.

Vladyslav Gyrych
Many years of experience in the implementation and work with international blockchain projects, including work in MinexCoin, and own project - ULT, as well as direct participation in development and investment.

Konstantyn Denysenko
Chief Communications Officer
Experience in the area of political consulting, support of investment projects as well as skills gained during participation in the development of ULT project, which united blockchain technology with logistic services.

Hayk Khachatryan
Technical Director
Around 20 years of experience in IT industry, including several years in the position of Lead Engineer and Project Team Lead of Bada OS in Samsung Electronics company, as well as direct participation in the development of the national banking program - Armenian Card.

Nikolay Gora
Public Relations Officer
Experience in implementing international projects in leading consulting companies, as well as in promoting blockchain technology in terms of legislation, in marketing support, and in supporting and popularizing media area.

Sviatoslav Potieienko
Full Stack Developer
More than 15 years of experience in the development of finance applications, such as multi currency account system.

Eugeny Lymar
Front-end developer
Few years of Front-End development experience in finance related projects.

Iryna Kiridon
Solid experience in the development of diverse web designs of finance sector applications.

Snizhana Koshel
Community Manager
Experience in GA management, coordination of projects in Samsung Electronics, as well as translation of technical documentation of the smart phones and smart TV software from Korean to English.

Anastasia Kharchenko
Social Media Manager
Internet marketer and photographer, has many years of experience in creation and brand promotion, as well as participation in large-scale marketing campaigns.

Yaremchuk Vitalii
Market Analyst
Many years of experience in crypto-investment, both private and commercial. Now he is working on tools for automation of market analysis for crypto-currencies.

Konstantyn Levenec
Community Manager
Experienced in such directions as setting up contextual advertising, and advertising in social media. He’s trying to improve the total customer experience and create a truly customer-centric culture in the Republia team.

Important components of the project provide users with trusting and transparent relationships between them. They provide participants with a unique platform, thanks to which users have the right to create and modify an ecosystem, to communicate with each other in more comfortable conditions.
A distinctive feature of this ecosystem is an unusual approach to reliability and safety. This project is equipped with an innovative protocol that provides complete protection of information and finance in the context of a global project.
The Republia project is used as a platform that helps to organize campaigns in order to attract investments at the expense of ICO, to protect each client from the appearance of fraudulent systems and schemes.

The main components of the project Republia

This project has a powerful technological foundation. It is thanks to this foundation that each element of the project will be implemented with the highest efficiency than in the ordinary market. Consequently, during implementation all the main principles of the blockchain function are respected.
The main goal of Republia is to create a large-scale ecosystem so that it combines all the usual elements of countries and mechanisms that are created on the blockchain. Each participant in the ecosystem will be able to make their own decisions at the expense of consensus, to influence the development of the ecosystem.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Provide participants with a chance to independently manage project elements using a transparent and democratic management system.
  • Provide users with the ability to use SCAM projects.
  • Provide users with a reliable, transparent relationship between each other, using an advanced system, which includes smart contracts.
  • Eliminate the risk of loss and theft of user accounts.
  • Provide participants with a service through which you can exchange assets, create cryptocurrency liquidity.

The project team has set for itself the important decisions that it seeks. The mission of the project includes important components:

Safe, convenient application of the ecosystem at any stage of work.
The ability to solve global issues that affect any country on the planet.
Expansion and completion of the blockchain.
Creating an ideal platform that will be involved in the development of the project, its maintenance.

Full Republia Project Security

The Republia project is an ecosystem that can be used to implement an ICO. This ecosystem will protect the blockchain technology community from possible fraud. The project was able to achieve this goal thanks to its own expansion, without adding other ICOs.
Users will be able to independently make some changes in each category of ecosystem, vote for changes in the ecosystem, the elimination of a particular function.

Any decision of users on a particular vote will be entered into the blockchain system and have its own hash and decision hash, be it positive or negative. In addition, users who participated in the voting will be entered in the blockchain. Other users will be able to view this type of block at any time convenient for them, and therefore falsification is simply excluded.

Token distribution


The Republia project enables any participant to make the most important decisions while participating in the work and development of Republia, influencing the modernization and expansion of all elements of the project. Users get this opportunity because the project works like the “weecosystem” model - a platform aimed at managing without intermediaries and bypassing regulatory authorities.

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