CyBit is an Open Source Ecosystem

This platform is built on the ERC-23 protocol with smart contracts for highly secure transaction verification and protection against malicious attacks. It uses a methodology that supports the flexibility of the infrastructure and ensures the security and stability of the system.

  • Cybit supports three types of fundraising campaigns; Initial coin offer, crowd investing and crowd financing.
  • CyBit offers a unique vehicle for investors to finance the project through the CBT as the main sign of value!
  • Cybit provide comprehensive contract intelligence capabilities for the smooth implementation of the project with full transparency and liquidity.

What Cybit propose to you:

Cybit simplifies and speeds up the process of creating the initial offers of coins in the status quo, ICO are created through a tense process. Companies must create their own currency on the block, which requires considerable technological understanding. Once this is done, a start-up launch should find a way to publish its offer of coins, creating a unique platform that will allow consumers to access their product and currency.

Cybit offers both a pre-created platform and their own decentralized currency, known as CBT coins. In addition, there are many unique security features that help provide a personalized, safe way for consumers to invest for companies to provide the tools they need.

Noting the key difference in funding strategies, Cybit offers three separate ways of campaigning for fundraising: Initial coin offering, Crowd investing and crowd financing. This division of strategies allows auto companies to block the choice of the form of financing that best provides their position and their needs.

**Process: **

Token details:

CBT character
Price = 0.07 USD 1 CBT
Available Bounty
Ether Foundation
Accept BTC, ETH, LTC
Minimum investment of 0.5 ETH
soft robes 2,500,000 USD
Hat lasts 50 Million USD
Country USA
Whitelist / KYC Sensitive KYC
Area USA, China.

Token distribution:


  1. The presence of infrastructure, built on the blockbuster.
  2. Integration of blockchain technology to provide unique identifiers for each node.
  3. Easy Token integration.
  4. Each node will have its own token. And also, you can earn tokens, performing various tasks.
  5. Global system and security.
  6. An effective global system covering all corners will provide better data protection.

About token and ICO:

The company offers investors a unique means for financing projects through the CBT token as the main working token! The platform provides the most complete functionality of intellectual contracts for the smooth execution of projects with their full transparency and liquidity.


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