First system of decentralized cloud-based (by Casper API)

About company:

Casper API is a framework venture for enormous information storage on the blockchain, which permits to build a file storage (photographs, video, audio, text files and 3D models), to arrange the ideal courses of content delivery (CDN), to store reinforcements, to work with corporate data storage.

 Casper Project is the first platform ,which will be decentr alized cloud storage for DAPPs with a universal API.

How it works?

Casper API creates an infrastructure to store data on any Blockchain platform with smart contract capabilities.

You can store documents, photo, video, 3D model and audio files. They use a universal solution that can work with any blockchain. Emerging markets see players come and go. Integration with multiple platforms mitigates the risk of error in choosing any single partner, making our economic model more stable, which in turn allows for storing data with providers from different sources.


  • Reliability. All the network participants connect with each other with relying on large nodes such as servers allowing for an increased resistance to DDoS attacks.
  • Content delivery. P2P network participants have no geographical limits. Therefore, users are able to receive their data from the nearest provider in order to have their upload and download speed increase.
  • Data accessibility. Several copies of one file are stored by different providers allows to download data even if one of the providers is down.

The feature: Casper API does not depend on any blockchain and allows receiving data from different blockchain platforms at the same time. Due to this fact it is compatible with any application on any platform. Providers have the opportunity to increase their profits, while application developers enjoy easy integration with different platforms.

Token info:

19 December 2017, we issued CSPT tokens for the Pre-ICO with a non-ERC20 contract. The day ICO goes live these tokens can be swapped for CST tokens of the operational smart contract that complies with the ERC20 standard.

CST tokens will be issued during the ICO using a separate ERC20-compliant smart contract. You will be able to swap the tokens purchased during the Pre-ICO for the ICO tokens via the exchange() function of the smart contract. After the ICO is terminated, the purchased tokens can be swapped for CST tokens of the operational smart contract.

All the tokens purchased during the pre-ICO, pre-sale and crowdsale will be temporarily locked.

Below is the token release schedule:

• September (20%)
• November (20%), main reason: alpha-version release
• January (20%)
• March (20%), main reason: beta-version release
• May (20%), main reason: project launch.

With this product, your information will be in a secure vault, safe, completely confidential and only you have access to it. Now you will not allow intermediaries to earn on your personal data, which they can say stole from you. In addition, you will be able to make a profit by providing their memory cells to other participants or giving their data to firms, corporations.

More information:

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