About project:

Lancer Network is a decentralized Freelance Website For Advertisement And Promotion Project Crowdsale And Blockchain.

For what it work?
Lancer Network is a project engaged towards assuaging the challenges of effort that new business startups sometimes face as a result of restricted resources offered at their disposal.

Creating awareness regarding merchandise and services exploitation elect medium (electronic, print, internet) is typically price intensive particularly within the growing competition for patronage within the market. New businesses suffer an excellent deal of blow because of obvious reasons most importantly restricted funds to hold out advert campaigns.


This project aims to create equal web opportunities for all a daily and consistent event which will facilitate individuals to open new frontiers for entrepreneurship thanks to the provision of advertising channels, off from the standard observe wherever individuals simply decide any job offered to them simply to pay bills with very little or no thought for job dignity and satisfaction. This platform assumes the flexibility of payments.
Earn and pay for the actions you want:

  • BTC,
  • ETH,
  • BCH,
  • LNW.

The format opens up many different ways to view free work. There can be a lot of workers on an abstract task. You can choose the best or take all of them.

The distinctive features of this platform are:

  1. Reliability and trust
  2. Rating system
  3. Full range of necessary services
  4. Flexible payments.

Among the blockchain services there are no alternatives to Lancer Network. In comparison with the usual promotion services, our platform provides the opportunity to pay for services in any crypto currency. The team that needs promotion, acquire services of real users, not bots. Thus, Lancer Network is the only service offering native promotion.

Mechanism of work:

Token information:

$ 0.01 symbolic price

250,000,000 Chips will be issued

Start Pre-ICO after 2 months

Softcap $ 200 000

Hardcap $ 1 500 000

Start ICO after 4 months

Softcap $ 800 000

Hardcap $ 8,000,000.


For more details, please visit:
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Whitepaper : []
Facebook : []
Twitter : []
Telegram : []
ANN : []

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