The Cryptov8 banking platform: multi currency universal wallet!

Cryptov8 is known as a banking platform that strives to connect the gaps in between a traditional bank and cryptocurrency banking services using smart contract via the aid of blockchain technology.

Cryptov8 banking platform will work with relevant organizations to expand the range of encryption and locking services that they offer to their clients. The decentralized platform Cryptov8 will also combine all services related to cryptocurrency on one platform. This is a unique opportunity to quickly and safely access the required services, using the functionality of this platform.

Cryptov8’s mission is founded on key principles of fair practice, transparency, treating the customer fairly and using technology to give the customer what they need. Advancements in technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain give us an opportunity to serve the customer better

by helping them improve their financial lives. For example, by intelligently predicting spending patterns and utilising more efficient services through new technology we will provide informed financial suggestions.

Aims of the project:

  • Reducing the barriers for participation by providing a bank grade secure place for customers to store their entire crypto portfolio.
  • Educating and teaching users in the complexities of digital currencies, leading them to make informed decisions
  • Facilitating easy entry to exchanges by providing the mechanism
    to convert their fiat to crypto.
  • Motivating use of cryptocurrencies by providing merchants’ payment gateways that support crypto spending.
  • Providing preferential payment fees, rewards and attractiv foreign exchange rates that do not punish users.
  • Encouraging lending against crypto balances to give peopl who hold this asset earning potential.
  • Providing additional value-added services through strategic partnerships with other organisations and providing access to services using distributed ledger technology.
  • Supporting the customer with cognitive learning assistance to help them get answers and facilitate any complicated
  • Providing a single secure and legitimate place to orchestrate movements, purchases or enquiries of balances.

How it work?

Cryptov8 recognized that the identification and control of customer journey as well as criteria for selecting technology and their evaluation process were made with these objectives.

Cryptov8 acknowledges that for many peripheral services and especially those associated with the electronic money market and Blockchain they will need to collaborate with a range of organizations to provide the best service and best value for their customers.Thus, open banking and the use of Applications and APIs form an important aspect of the overall solution they build. As an example, they will need to integrate with many financial institutions who can provide much more attractive solutions to business problems or customers than Cryptov8 can self support.

Their open bank collaboration and use is fully supported by the Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) and the UK OpenBanking Initiative. Blockchain as a technology is built using the same principles. Cryptov8 believes by adopting this technology and regulation, it will enable them to provide the best service to the market.

Benefits of using Cryptov8 token:

• Bonus reward for cryptocurrency account holders, up to 25% of the cryptocurrency fees will be used for this.

• Preferential payment fees for cryptocurrency transfers

• Easy and quick movement between cryptocurrencies – “atomic swaps”

• Attractive foreign exchange rates for cryptocurrency transactions

• Savings accounts with preferential interest

• Fee savings

• Access to cryptocurrency educational material and discountson formal courses from industry known and specialist education providers

• A potential future conversion to dividend tokens (most likely as token airdrops and/or token buybacks), subject to meeting prevailing regulatory requirements and favourable business conditions at the time

In addition, Cryptov8 will decentralize remittances, which are currently controlled by existing banks. This will offer customers access to the crypto currency market in a way that is easy, cheap or even free. This will improve the participation of clients in the crypto currency market, the Cryptov8 project tokens will be used as a payment instrument, or reward for certain actions within the platform.

The roadmap:

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