In addition to business-oriented, EOZ has a mission of creating convenience in investing and stability of Cryptocurrency trading in the midst of the Crypto business which tend to be dynamic, because it has penetrated many sectors globally.

The real achievement of EOZ since its inception is now more than 200% of the profit in the stock market with our Artificial Neural Network commonly called Deep Learning in one year. Currently there are many risks that occur when we do trading. then how is the solution to this problem? EOZ provides decentralized solutions designed to reduce risk. With the latest technology from EOZ using a highly secure and decentralized platform that uses cryptocurrency bots.

Artificial Neural Network

Optimization techniques ensure that the Artificial Neural Networks solve problems with high performance. Artificial neural networks are popular tools for financial decision making because they have very good adaptive and generalizing properties, which provide highly accurate prediction results. They are capable of modeling and processing non-linear relationships between inputs and outputs in parallel. Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are characterized by containing adaptive weights along paths between neurons that can be tuned by an algorithm that learns from observed data in order to improve the model.

Advantages of joining EOZ
Benefits of Artificial neural networks
In recent years, many studies have demonstrated the successful application of Artificial neural networks (JST) for accurate predictions in finance. [Gurusen et al.] Presents a detailed survey of more than 25 contributions available in the scientific literature on the application of ANN in finance in recent years. Their conclusion has confirmed that ANN-based solutions outperform other statistical and mathematical approaches in many cases. Artificial neural networks are a popular tool for financial decision making because it has excellent adaptive and generalizable properties, which gives very accurate prediction results.
In recent years, many applications of ANN in the field of finance have been published; we just refer to a few:
a. MediaTek Corporation in Taiwan.
b. Retail Industry Grocery in Turkey.
c. Application of ANN and ARIMA model to predict cement demand in Taiwan.
d. ANN app for modeling revenue returns from mobile payment services in Kenya.
e. The predictions of Nestle's transnational corporate trade advantage in the European region use fundamental analysis based on ANN.

In order to raise requisite funds for development of an intelligent platform in the shape of EOZ, Initial Coin Offer (ICO) has been planned in phases. The Pre – ICO phase was started with effect from 16 Feb 18 and completed successfully on 17 Feb 18. Thereafter, the main ICO was commenced on 18 Feb which will continue till 19 Mar 18. There are five rounds planned in the ICO and each round will have 2 million EOZ tokens on sale. The funds raised through ICO will be distributed as per plan; i.e for cryptocurrency trading (70%), marketing (10%), development (10%) and 10% will be utilized for meeting operational expenses. In order to improve the confidence of investors on EOZ platform, a buy-back program will also be launched upon initiation of actual trading. This buy back will help in increasing the market value of EOZ coins apart from providing financial stability to the market

EOZ Referral Program
The most profitable part of the EOZ ecosystem is the EOZ loan. Anyone can lend their EOZ coins and generate huge daily profits from their investments. You do not need to trade or any other activity Our Automatic Trading Robot with Artificial Neural Network will conduct trading activities for you and give you a huge daily profit with the lowest risk. Giving EOZ only supports EOZ coins, this will create EOZ coin demand in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore the total supply of EOZ coins is limited, so the price of EOZ coins will be high due to EOZ Lending.

Here we are different from others, we offer pure loans with high profits. we offer profit sharing every day with every daily withdrawal time. We also offer your principal withdrawal time with 20% fine. You can withdraw your investment or profit at any time from your investment panel.

Funds lay idlе within thе traditional invеѕtmеnt market, while mаnу reasonable finаnсing demands саnnоt bе fulfillеd, сrеаting thе dilemma of hаrd-lеnding and hаrd-bоrrоwing. EOZ will provide аn орроrtunitу tо invеѕt in cryptocurrency trading, rесеivе regular income and inсrеаѕе financial independence.

Website - https://www.eoz.com/
Whitepaper - https://www.eoz.com/whitepaper.pdf
BitcoinTalk - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2943023
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/eozdotcom/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/eozofficial
My Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1661797

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