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what is it?
Excolony could be a leading cryptocurrency trade giving a good variety of digital belongings
Your pleasure is our innovation

The mission of EXCOLONY is to provide compatibility between all team motion our bodies round the arena and construct AN scheme that makes it possible for time period transactions and knowledge sharing with low worth.
EXCOLONY is that the expecting subsequent-generation Digital currency trade, that has numerous functions serving to users in commerce like AI alternate, SAFU, ICCO, Delegated funding, and Paygate.

Combining centralized exchanges with safeguard team motion, EXCOLONY presents velocity and safety at a identical time, that lots of the decentralised exchanges could not do. If decentralised exchanges subject unit famous for his or her excessive security then EXCOLONY are a hybrid platform, having the velocity of centralized exchanges and as a consequence the protection of decentralised exchanges.

EXCOLONY mission is to convey Blockchain science to serve the humanity no longer solely in commerce nonetheless conjointly in different distinctive fields within the future. We generally tend to expect that the group approves united states of america during the experiment years to comprehend the target.
It is apparent that the success route is tough to beat, notwithstanding, with the competencies team, skills, and fervour, we generally tend to consider EXCOLONY can alternate the easiest ten cryptocurrency alternate inside the arena, destroy the ice between individuals and blockchain




at the present time, with the event of technological know-how, there field unit countless cryptocurrency exchanges has been hacked and for this reason the lost is calculable at related to billion bucks.

From the university team, business crew to promoting team, and so on... Now we have gigantic advantage in running within the cryptocurrency and finance area. Now we have designed even primary systems with high-safety requisites, so we tend to understand a approach to construct up a replacement procedure for EXCOLONY.

NO coverage


currently, crypto structures do not need a proper “coverage” for patients, United international locations agency area unit hacked and do not have any compensation from the platform’s property owners, they ought to require full accountability for this…

it usually is obvious certainly that EXCOLONY can roll again all irregular trades, and reimburse the traders that had been negatively by using giving them zero-fee commerce and seventieth refund in EXC. EXCOLONY can assign one hundred percent of all profit bought into SAFU to provide security to our users and their money in severe circumstances.



several exchanges can not catch up with the pattern and end up historic school, they are doing now not have a protracted-run installed. For that reason, it is going to cause user reduction.

EXCOLONY updates the talents on a daily basis and upgrades the performance approach with new science most of the time.

Rip-off mission


there were quite a lot of rip-off comes just lately and users will rarely clutch that one would be a scam. Trade systems wouldn't have skilled reviews on these mission earlier than record them on their exchange.

EXCOLONY owns expert crew individuals and advisors, they are all recognized within the cryptocurrency world. Additionally, EXCOLONY partners have huge results and illustrious with contributors within the sector.

LACK OF help for brand new challenge


in these days, inside the crypto market, the brand new ICOs goes as much as over enormous quantities. However, they're doing now not have ample gurus to aid all.

in this day and age, not a number of comes have accomplished this earlier than nevertheless with EXCOLONY’s assets, advantage and smooth ICO comes are strictly reviewed. Certified ICO comes can have our support (advice, skills, and finance). Furthermore, EXCOLONY can guarantee with the community that these new ICO subject unit true and let the customers vote for them.

Poor LANGUAGE help


There area unit a number of systems that help several distinct languages, however their translation isn't shrewd ample; so, tons of users area unit still having trouble.

We offer aid in over twenty languages. Our gigantic, pliant network is created of advisors United international locations agency field unit all bi- or multilingual to a native or close-native stage.


price: 1EXC = zero.5 USD
minimum purchase: ten ETH
Bonus: 50%
The bonus expense up to five hundredth watching on the amount

CROWDSALE small print

cost: 1EXC = zero.5 USD
delicate Cap: 1M USD
tough Cap: twelve.5M USD
Bonus: as much as 1/2-hour (depending on every period)
(All unsold tokens are burnt by good contract)

for lots of info, consult with us:

internet site : https://excolony.Com/
ANN THREAD : https://bitcointalk.Org/index.Php?Matter=5034410
MEDIUM : https://medium.Com/@excolonyglobal
REDDIT : https://www.Reddit.Com/consumer/excolony
TWITTER : https://twitter.Com/excolonyglobal
facebook : https://www.Fb.Com/excolony
TELEGRAM : https://t.Me/excolony

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