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We will talk today about the healthcare system. After all, agree in our days, taking care of your health is an integral part of each of us. We all strive to use quality medical services to restore ourselves and our loved ones to their natural state. However, this is not always possible, since the health system itself has a number of shortcomings that need to be addressed as soon as possible. It all comes down to the money that is needed for further research in the field of health. Everything else with HealthTech we all want to get medical services easily and affordably. But what to do, you ask?

The answer to this question is. And to be more precise, the solution to this problem is called it – Aenco.

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  • Project and its features

Aenco is a project designed specifically for the health care system, which aims to combine traditional financial and brokerage services, as well as a range of industries and research in the field of health. In simple terms, within the framework of a single platform, Aenco will combine Smart Capital, HealthTech and Prime Brokerage. It is important to note that the platform itself is developed on the basis of modern Blockchain technology, thanks to which Aenco is a decentralized platform that has no boundaries and competitors.

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The use of Blockchain technology is an integral part of the Aenco project, as modern technologies are necessary to comply with all transparent motives, and it allows the project to quickly scale around the world, erasing international borders. Which I find very convenient and relevant these days.

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  • The Purpose Of The Aenco

The main goal of the project is to solve all existing problems in HealthTech. And I want to tell you is not enough:

  • The very first problem can be considered the lack of any reliable financial organization capable of providing innovative development and research in HealthTech;
  • The second most common problem is the high cost of all these developments, which subsequently burdens the investor and prevents him from entering the funding;
  • The third problem is considered to be the lack of any suitable options for startups, and if they are present, they require too many Smart Capital solutions;
  • To the fourth problem, we can safely refer to the fact that until now, HealthTech has not had the opportunity to use reliable and accredited standards to implement best practices of ICO.

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  • Benefits for HealthTech

The use of Aenco, will solve all the above problems in HealthTech, as well as to feel its true prospects. Let's look at some of them:

  • first, they will immediately find sustainable ground for medical innovation;
  • second, they will immediately see a growing demand in the field of medical technology;
  • third, get the strongest solutions in the field of treatment and prevention of various acute and severe diseases;
  • and fourthly, the use of blockchain technology will allow to democratize funding.

These advantages will be available to all promising companies whose main goal is to create such innovations and technologies that are aimed only at improving the living conditions of our society.

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  • Aenco Tokens

As for tokens, to ensure that the platform works perfectly, the developers decided to use their own AEN (ERC-223) utility token within their ecosystem. Its main task is to maintain the entire ecosystem, as well as to directly expand the community and participate in all transactions.

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In total, the developers will issue 4 billion AEN tokens, but only 600 million tokens will be available for sale. All non-sold tokens will be returned to the common aenco token pool at the moment and will be used over time as needed. I would like to add that you can buy tokens both for BTC and ETH. The initial cost of one AEN token at the time of sales is only$0.10. The minimum investment amount is 1 ETH. In total, the developers of the project intend to collect Hard Cap in the amount of 60 million us dollars. This amount is necessary for the further implementation of the project and all its components.

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  • Conclusion

It should be noted that aenco has no analogues and competitors in this segment. Therefore, he has all the chances to take a leading position and hold it until something more worthwhile and impressive as this project is available. In General, the project is aimed at providing quality and efficient services that improve the entire health care system as a whole. And I think it is a very bright target, which only remains to wish you good luck.

And to learn the concept of this project in more detail, I recommend you, my friend to view the official resources of Aenco on these links:

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